7 Important Social Media Tips for Aspiring eSports Players and Gamers

Becoming an eSports player or gamer is rewarding, but when you’re just starting out in the industry it can be confusing to figure out the best way to start a thriving career.

When you’re just starting out, one of the most important things you can do to grow your following is to use social media professionally because this will help you attract fans to your eSports games. And a following is important if you want to make money playing eSports.

Learning, and then applying, the tips that we’re about to outline will ensure that you stay out of trouble as a gamer.

Here are some social media tips that are imperative to remember as an eSports player:

Start Thinking About Your Gamer Tag Like It’s a Brand

Start Thinking About Your Gamer Tag Like It’s a Brand

Although you might not be as famous as some of the big names like Faker, SquishyMuffinz, or Puppey, achieving respected status as a gamer is not out of reach. These gamers are aware that their usernames or more than just a cool name—their usernames are their brands.

Because your gamer tag is one of the most important choices you’ll make when becoming a gamer, you need to consider what message your username is sending to your fanbase. It’s best to start conceiving of a brand name early, so you can establish a unique channel that others will want to see.

Establish Accounts on All the Social Networks, Even If You Aren’t Going to Use Them


The reality is that most social media accounts are free, so if you’re trying to become famous on the internet, it’s in your best interest to utilize all the platforms out there. You can’t brand yourself if you’re only on one platform; you have to diversify your accounts so the largest number of people can find you.

Even if you don’t use Pinterest, for example, make an account anyway. If you don’t, someone could take your username on Pinterest and post content that might sabotage your brand. Protect your brand by claiming your username on every platform, even if you don’t plan to use it.

Stay Away from Controversial Topics, If Possible


Gaming is contentious, even without making comments about controversial things. It’s really easy for things to get out of hand when you start talking about topics that are contentious.

To avoid any kind of strife, it’s best to keep your dialogue carefree and related to gaming. However, if for some reason you’re extremely passionate about a topic and it seems important to discuss, you should always remember to do so respectfully.

Be careful, when choosing your words because you don’t want to insult other people or say something inappropriate.

 Always Think About Who Might Be Watching


Whenever you’re on the internet, it’s important to remember that anyone can see what you’re doing. This means that if you wouldn’t want your mom, your grandma, or even the person that will be your future boss, to see your content, then you shouldn’t post it.

Even if you might think what you’re posting is fine now, you might not agree with what you’re saying in the future. It’s always better to be safe, rather than sorry.

So, if you wouldn’t want to show it to your grandma, you should keep it off the internet. Once you post something, it is impossible to take it back, so keep that in the back of your mind when posting online. Be smart.

Mention Other Gamers or Brands in Your Posts, Just Don’t Overdo It


Mentioning other gamers, shoutcasters, or teams, on social media is a great way to expand your following. For example, if you make a post about another gamer on Instagram, that gamer might repost your content.

When their fanbase sees your post, those fans are likely to support you because you support a content creator that they enjoy. Networking is an easy way to increase your fanbase, so use social media to your advantage!

Just be careful not to overdo it. You want a nice mix between posts focused on your gaming and posts that mention other people.

Be Consistent in Your Posts


Once you build an audience, they’re going to be interested in what you have to share with them So, it’s important that you give them updates.

If you go months or weeks without posting, the chances are that your audience is going to diminish. Best practice is to post weekly, or more frequently, because even if you’re just sharing a quick screenshot of a game, your fans are going to want to hear from you.

Post to the Social Channels Where Your Audience Is Most Likely to See Them

Post to the Social Channels Where Your Audience Is Most Likely to See Them

Although it’s a good idea to secure an account on all social media platforms, learn how to optimize social media. This means posting on the platforms that your audience is going to frequent.

If you’re a gamer, your fans’ most-used social media platforms are probably going to be: YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Moreover, you need to understand what kind of content is most interesting to your fanbase. For example, if you’re a gamer, it doesn’t make sense that you’d post a “Get Ready with Me Vlog,” because that’s not what gamers are looking for.

Instead, consider posting things like walkthroughs, gameplay videos, tips and tricks for gaming, and tutorials. The key is to make content your viewers want on platforms they’re going to use.

Creating a social media following by being a gamer is not impossible. We hope that you’ve learned from these steps because if you follow them, you should be on your way to increasing your traction online.

If you’re interested in making gaming a money-making proposition, managing your social media is a key component.

We’d love to know your best tips for creating a following on social media. Share them in the comments!