Hi, my name is Sean and I’m a parent, gamer, and technologist.

I’m here to share my family adventure as our son explores the professional world of eSports.
Sean R. Nicholson - Author at Exploring Esports

I have spent much of my teen years and adult life playing video games. From Zork to Donkey Kong to The Last Of Us, I am a bit of a gaming buff.  I’m also a parent to two great kids, one of whom is working to become a professional gamer or work in the gaming industry.

For this reason, I thought I would share my journey and a parent’s view of the world of online gaming and eSports.

If your child aspires to work in the world of gaming, follow along. Ask any questions you might have. Share your thoughts. We’ll figure it out together :)


Hi, my name is Deb and I’m a parent, puzzle-enthusiast, and healthcare professional.

I’m excited to help answer any questions that parents might have about whether their kids can actually make a living playing video games.

Deb NicholsonLike many parents, I never dreamed that my child would aspire to playing video games on a collegiate or professional level. It seemed a bit strange to me that people actually get paid to play video games. But this is an exciting time for kids who video game enthusiasts and who are willing to put the time and energy into really getting good at games like Rocket League, Valorant, League of Legends, or Super Smash Bros.

One thing to know about me, I’m not great at Mario Kart, but I love playing it with my son.

Let us know what questions you might have about Esports, gaming, and a parental view of raising a child who aspires to play Esports i


–Sean and Deb