Best Gifts To Give Gamers Who Aspire To Play Esports

Gamers, particularly those in Esports take their gaming seriously. It’s less of a pastime or hobby for them and is closer to a way of life.

For the lucky few, it’s a paying job also. It can even be a highly paying one at that!

You may have seen some of the room setups serious gamers have and they look vastly different to our quaint setups from years ago. No longer is a TV and beanbag considered a gaming setup.

Serious gamers have multiple screens, large desks, various controllers, chairs that look like they were from the bridge of a Star Wars battle cruiser and whole heap of other comforts. With the holidays and gift giving season upon us, you might be wondering about what to give the serious gamer in your life.

Let’s load up some suggestions for the best gifts gamers want, shall we?

Gifts that are good for gaming comfort

Gifts that are good for gaming comfort

Just like any athlete, gamers need to be comfortable for those hours upon hours they spend perfecting their craft. Esports requires a huge commitment for success, just like in any competitive sport.

Schools and colleges now not only offer subjects related to gaming, but also have clubs and teams that compete in Esports. If you want your child to become a great gamer, start by getting them comfortable for those long hours in front of the screen.

Large Gaming Desk

A large gaming desk for your gamer to play on is a great first step. Given the amount of electronics that might be used, space becomes a priority for the heat they generate.

You don’t want any fire hazards, right? Various games require different controllers that also require space.

On top of that, food and drink should be as far from gaming equipment as possible (for obvious reasons). Then there’s the mapping aspect.

In Esports, teams will engage in many strategy discussions and planning and quite often this is done the old fashioned way – with paper and pencil. In short, serious gamers can’t work off a TV dinner table and will need a desk.

Comfortable Gaming Chair

Think of a comfortable chair for gaming just as you would in an office. If you have to be sedentary for long periods, you need a comfortable chair to do it in. Proper posture and support are important when seated for hours on end and you don’t want your gamer developing back problems from a young age either! Look for gaming chairs with a high back, is height adjustable and has good lumbar support as a starting point.

Comfortable Gaming Clothing

Clothing for Esports and gaming is important. Because so much gaming can take place in front of a webcam, especially when team strategizing in Esports, your young gamer’s clothing should be appropriate too. It should be comfortable for them and may represent their favorite games, genres, teams or game developers.

Gaming Hardware As Gifts


As you are likely very aware by now, your young gamer is involved in a very unique thing. The technology they use is cutting edge and constantly evolving, so the latest hardware is vital for their continued success.

Just like your work computer or phone needs updating periodically, so does your child’s hardware. It can also separate them from their competition. A word of caution here, talk to your gamer about what they need as not all hardware is compatible with what they may have.

It will save you a lot of headaches if you consult with them first!

Gaming Laptop or Computer

This is their most important item. Your gamer’s gaming laptop or computer, is their arms, legs, eyes and ears. It’s that important to them! The performance of their device is crucial. It should be fast to load, have a great graphics engine and lots of memory space. If all these factors are covered in their gaming laptop or computer, they’ll be a very happy and productive gamer.

Gaming Keyboard, Mouse or Controller

Your enthusiastic gamer will use all of these. The good news is that these gaming devices are not too costly, but different games use different devices. It’s best for them to have all these on hand should the moment arise. Plus, it may be a preference decision for them on any given day. Consoles (like Xbox or PlayStation) will usually only require controllers (specific to each console brand) where as a computer will use a keyboard and mouse. Don’t forget the gaming mouse pad too!

Gaming Headset and/or Microphone

All serious gamers will use a headset and/or microphone. This is how they communicate with opponents or other team members during online play.

Gaming headphones that are overhead in style and come with an attached gaming microphone will be pivotal for their communication and success in Esports competition.

Gaming Figurines and Decoration as Gifts


Gamers love to decorate their rooms and desks with gaming figures and art inspired from games. Games have very ornate and intricate plots in them, all with iconic characters and settings.

Your young gamer will most certainly have their favorites, so purchasing decorative figurines and art is a great idea. If you know that they enjoy games like Gears of War and Overwatch then ask them which character they like and go from there.

LED light displays are also popular in room setups for avid gamers and will help set them apart as a serious gamer. Having various decorative elements in their room inspired by the games they play will go a long way in creating that sanctuary they really want.

Gift Cards For Gaming Platforms

Gift Cards For Gaming Platforms

Sometimes people will remark how gift cards are a lazy way out of gift creativity. But because new games are constantly emerging and gamers love to try new ones, gift cards for gaming platforms could be a great gift giving solution.

You’ll also be avoiding the embarrassment of purchasing something for the wrong game, console, or system. Steam gift cards are always a popular platform to buy for, as are currency type gifts cards for sports games like FIFA, NBA 2k and Madden.

So there you have it and hopefully there’s a suggestion above that helps you with making a gift giving decision for the gamer or Esports athlete in your life. We’ve covered small and inexpensive gifts as well as larger, more expensive and complicated ones.

If you have a gamer in your life, what have you purchased in the past that they loved? We’d love from you! Please share any gift giving tips you have for gamers and Esports enthusiasts in the comments section below.

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