Key Components to Building a Comfortable Gaming Setup

Gaming is an exciting adventure. It can also cause a lot of physical strain if the space is not adequately prepared to support comfortable gaming.

Often, gamers spend a significant amount of time sitting in one place as they battle through an epic session. Sitting in one place for too long can become uncomfortable rather quickly.

If you have a gamer at home, or if you know a gamer, helping them create a place that can support their comfort for a more extended gaming session would be an incredible gift. It can also show that you support your gamer’s interests and want them to be as comfortable as possible.

While we know that a fantastic computer and incredible monitor make for an excellent gaming system, let’s look at some of the oft-neglected elements of comfortable gaming.

A Comfortable Gaming Chair Is Critical

A Comfortable Gaming Chair Is Critical

Since your gamer is sitting in one place for long periods of time, a high-quality gaming chair is designed to support their back as they play.

Sitting like that for a long time can cause circulatory issues, so a great gaming chair is a solid investment. You won’t just be supporting their comfort but also supporting their health.

Unfortunately, since there are so many options, you may feel that finding a comfortable gaming chair is a little overwhelming. But we can help!

We love this option because it’s ergonomic, relatively inexpensive and is a quality chair. With thousands of positive reviews from gamers, you’re sure to have a great selection with this one.

A Gaming Desk that Has a Height Adjustment


While gaming is often done in a chair, this isn’t always the case. Often, gamers will play on a computer, at a desk, but if your gamer would prefer to stand while they game, something like an adjustable gaming desk may be the perfect addition to their gaming space.

Standing while gaming can have many benefits outside of the expected health ones. Standing can, for example, boost a player’s energy and help them stay more naturally focused. It may also help them keep gaming for an extended amount of time.

If you think your gamer would appreciate an adjustable height desk, we recommend this one. While it is expensive, this desk comes in multiple finishes, has glowing reviews, and has plenty of space for your gamer to spread out.

A Full Desk Cushioned Gaming Pad


When playing at a desk for a long time, your gamer’s wrists might start to hurt. To help remedy this discomfort, we recommend a full-desk gaming pad that will help cushion your gamer’s wrists and the heel of their hand no matter where their mouse or keyboard is placed on their desk.

These gaming pads are an important (but often forgotten) part of building a comfortable gaming desk. We love this one, and it even comes in four different sizes to get the perfect size for your gamer.

To take their comfortable space to the next level, consider a heated pad like this one. Sitting in one place for a long time can make your gamer a little chilly, so they would surely appreciate the extra heat source.

Gaming Hand Warmers to Keep the Circulation Going


If your gamer does not have a heated gaming pad, we have another idea to help their fingers stay warm during long gaming sessions. Gamers know how important it is to have warm hands while gaming because it ensures fast response times.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty easy for those once-warm hands to become quite chilly while gaming. Let’s fight this issue with these rechargeable hand warmers. They’re excellent at keeping the blood flowing during marathon gaming sessions.

A Comfortable Set of Gaming Headphones with a High-Quality Microphone


Surprisingly enough, gaming can be very noisy, so it’s beneficial to have a comfortable, quality pair of headphones. Multiplayer games or even Discord chats make a great pair of headphones a near necessity.

Be sure you look for a pair with plenty of cushions. We think these would be perfect because they’re reasonably priced, have a microphone, and have plenty of cushioning.

A Headphone Gaming Extension Cable to Ensure Plenty of Freedom of Movement


Imagine being in the middle of an epic battle, turning your head, and suddenly having your earphones ripped off your head by a cord that is too short.

Uncomfortable? Yes. Inconvenient? You bet. Frustrating? Of course!

Help your gamer avoid this situation with a headphone extension cord. This will ensure that your gamer has plenty of room to move around. It’s an incredibly thoughtful and inexpensive gift, and your gamer will love it.

Cable Organizers for Your Gaming Desk to Keep Your Feet from Getting Tangled in the Cords


Gaming spaces can get pretty complicated between dual monitors, mouse, keyboard, headphones, controller, and any additional peripherals. This all adds up to a whole lot of unsightly and unwieldy cords.

Gifting a cable organization pack like this one will help your gamer keep a more organized space. This way, it will look more attractive, and they will significantly diminish their fall risk.

A Good Pair of Gaming Glasses to Reduce Eye Strain

A Good Pair of Gaming Glasses to Reduce Eye Strain

Gaming can sometimes cause eye strain, so gamers may look for good gaming glasses that can reduce their risk of headaches. Headaches and migraines can suddenly stop even the best of gaming sessions, so getting your gamer a quality set of gamer glasses would undoubtedly be welcomed.

We think these are a great option, and we love that your gamer can use them for all of their screen exposure.

We hope this article gave you a few ideas for making your favorite gamer’s space even more comfortable. What are your favorite ways to make gaming more comfortable? We’d love to know! Drop a comment below to share your awesome ideas.