Tips for Choosing a Comfortable and Functional Gaming Desk

Gaming desks offer specific features optimized for gamers. They are designed to make your time spent on your favorite pastime a breeze. With enough space for multiple screens and keyboards, components to hold wires, and ensure that nothing interrupts your gaming, the right gaming desk can create a premium gaming experience.

Even when you have the perfect computer, high-res monitor, and lightning-fast internet connection, your gaming session can quickly come grinding to a halt without a suitable gaming desk. Consider these features when you’re looking for an excellent gaming desk to support you during marathon gaming sessions.

Why Is the Right-Sized Gaming Desk So Important?

Why Is the Right-Sized Gaming Desk So Important?

Size matters when it comes to your gaming desk. Not only does the gaming desk need to fit correctly in your room, but your gaming chair should also fit into the space.

Use a measuring tape to take the proper measurements; it will help you narrow down the field. The table’s surface should also be large enough to fit at least one monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse.

Components of a Great Gaming Desk


There are so many things to consider when choosing a gaming desk, including its dimensions and the other components you’ll need for the best gaming experience.

Adjustable Height of the Gaming Desk


Your gaming desk should sit 28 to 30 inches high from the floor to the top of the table for those between 5’8” to 5’10”. Your feet should touch the floor when seated with your upper body straight.

Your eyes should be parallel with the monitor. When your desk is the right height, your posture is appropriate, your viewing angle is correct, and you feel comfortable.

Some gamers aren’t comfortable staying in one position all the time or lounging in a gaming chair for hours. For those people, standing gaming desks provide the answer. Standing while gaming gives you the chance to move around and stay active.

It also reduces back, neck, and shoulder pains while improving blood circulation. Standing has also been shown to help improve focus.

Electric standing gaming desks can be adjusted with a simple press of a button, taking you from sitting to standing easily.

Width of the Gaming Desk


Desk width is essential. The width should be sufficient to hold the monitors. If you have a 31-inch monitor, you’ll need a gaming desk with a width of at least 34 inches.

With two 30-inch-wide monitors, your gaming desk should be at least 60 inches, and for three monitors, it should be 90 inches. If you’re adding speakers to the mix, add in this space. If you play controller-based games, you’ll need space for a charging stand.

Depth of the Gaming Desk


Depth counts just as much as width. Your gaming desk should be at least two to three feet deep. Since your monitor should be 28 inches from your face, your desk depth matters.

An L-shaped gaming desk can offer more space and depth on its surface. Tiered gaming desks create space that keep you from trying to squeeze a deep desk into a small room.

Use the main level for your monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Other levels can be used for screens and game storage. Tiered gaming desks can also be found in adjustable versions.

Gaming Desk Additions That Can Make a Difference in Your Gaming Session


When setting up your gaming desk, remember the important additions and accessories, including:

A Comfortable Full-desk Gaming Pad


Traditional mousepads are too small for gaming. Larger mousepads allow you to use more of the surface of your gaming desk, allowing for more precise movements and comfort for the palms and heels of your hands.

For a great experience, opt for a heated version of the full desk gaming pads. 

A Small Cooling Fan for Your Gaming Desk


Keep your system cool with a cooling fan to avoid overheating and good airflow. It also helps to keep you cool while gaming.

Additional Storage for Your Gaming Desk

Additional Storage for Your Gaming Desk

Don’t forget storage. Even though many games are digital, storage space is important. Accessories like batteries, headsets, and other essentials need to be stored nearby.

When you only have room for one desk in your room, your gaming desk may also serve as a space for working or studying. Containers like this three-drawer cabinet can be used to store your cords, peripherals, and other items when not in use.

Finding a suitable gaming desk is vital when you’re serious about gaming. You can take your gaming to a whole new level with even the simplest setup.

We hope that these tips have helped you choose the right gaming desk. If you have any thoughts or ideas, please share them below in the comments!