10 Things Esports Parents Should Know About Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros is based on the classic arcade-style fighter game where each player has a character and a primary mission to knock the other characters off the platform. This game is so popular that there are even college and professional-level Esport teams who compete in this game.

An Evolution Of Fighting Video Games And Super Smash Bros As A Popular Esport

An Evolution Of Fighting Video Games And Super Smash Bros As A Popular Esport

In classic arcade fighters like Street Fighter, Tekken, and Mortal Kombat, the primary objective is to make your opponent’s health meter drop to zero. In Super Smash Brothers, the player’s main goal is to knock their opponent off the platform, effectively killing them. Instead of a health bar for each player, a damage meter shows how far a character will get thrown when hit.

What Makes Super Smash Bros A Great Esport?


One of the beloved parts about Super Smash Brothers is the fact that it utilizes Intellectual Property (IP) from many beloved fandoms including Nintendo and Pokemon. This, plus the innate enjoyability of fighting games makes this one exceptionally popular. It is also very easy for people to follow because the gameplay and player vs. player action is quite simple. In addition, players have found this game exceptionally addicting and enjoyable to play with friends, so its popularity and adaptation as an Esport is not terribly surprising.

What Are Some Of The Key Phrases Or Lingo Associated With Super Smash Bros


As with any video game, there are many terms unique to that particular game. Super Smash Brothers is no different. So, as you talk to your child about the game, these will be helpful terms to know and understand.

What Does “Damage” Mean In Super Smash Bros?


This is one of the critical, central metrics of the game; it judges how much the characters’ actions impact one another. Players will see damage under their character portrait. It will increase after each time they take an attack. When the damage goes higher, the player will be knocked back further and further. The higher the knockback, the more likely a character will be knocked out.

What Does “Hitbox” Mean In Super Smash Bros?


A hitbox is the area around an object where a character would get hit if they went there. So, for example, if a character were swinging a weapon at your character and you get hit with it, you were inside that item’s hitbox.

What Does “Knockback” Mean In Super Smash Bros?


Knockback is the name given to the distance a character flies after they are hit. This distance depends on the player’s damage score.

What Does “Combo” Mean In Super Smash Bros?


A combo is a group of challenging attacks to escape from. These attacks are often much more complex and impactful than a simple hit. They can often be combinations of specials, tilts, and even smashes.

What Does “Smash” Mean In Super Smash Bros?


A smash is something that the player can choose to do. When a player holds down a direction key and an attack simultaneously, it will change their attack and release a staggering blow when released.

What Does “Specials” Mean In Super Smash Bros?


Every character has their own specials. These are moves specific to the character. When a character presses the “B” button, it will release their special. You can also add a direction to dictate where the special occurs. By pressing an up button, the character will get a recovery special.

What Does “Tilt” Mean In Super Smash Bros?


A tilt is when you hold down a direction and press the attack button but do not hold down on it.

While there are many unique phrases when it comes to Super Smash Bros, many of the terms are also similar to other traditional fighter games. Nevertheless, this list will give you a great starting place.

Are There College-Level Varsity Esports Teams For Super Smash Bros?


Many colleges and universities around the country have been forming varsity level teams for various Esport games. Super Smash Bros is no different. The National Esports Association sponsors tournaments around the United States and Canada. These teams are being so prevalent and important to universities and colleges, many are offering scholarships to entice people to join the game.

Does That Mean My Child Could Go To College On A Full Super Smash Bros Scholarship?


Maybe! Every school is very different. While some schools offer full or sometimes partial scholarships, other schools only cover some expenses. To determine what your child’s school of interest offers, research that specific school’s involvement in the Esport community.

How Many Players Are On A Super Smash Bros Team?


Super Smash Bros is a single player vs player game. Normally, the matches are done using double elimination. Players often face-off based on their location in the player pools.

How Long Does A Super Smash Bros Game Last?


These games are actually relatively short. They usually run with an eight minute time limit, but occasionally, tournaments will run six or even seven minute time limits.

Is there a tutorial I can watch to help me understand Super Smash Bros?


Of course! This YouTube tutorial gives you a fabulous look into the game if you are brand new. The video does an overview of the game, the characters offered, and what it looks like. This video also shares the game’s different features like the damage bar and how it is different from other game’s life bar. To help players learn how to play the game, the video also discusses the various buttons and what they do in the game.

Is Super Smash Bros Free?


Super Smash Bros is a paid game. The latest version, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, is intended for the Nintendo Switch. You can purchase the game here.

Is Any Special Equipment Needed To Play Super Smash Bros?

Is Any Special Equipment Needed To Play Super Smash Bros?

Yes, players will need a Nintendo Switch and a Nintendo Switch controller to play this game. Other than that, the game does not require any additional equipment.

We hope you’ve found this information helpful as you begin playing this awesome game. What are your favorite tips and helpful pieces of information about Super Smash Bros? We’d love to know! Please connect with us in the comments section below. Happy gaming!

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