10 Things eSports Parents Should Know About Call of Duty

If you’re the parent of a young adult (or even if you aren’t), chances are you’ve heard of Call of Duty. Call of Duty is one of the most popular video game franchises in the world, having sold over 400 million copies since its launch in 2003. It’s also an emerging college-level and professional eSport, with a franchised league for Call of Duty starting in 2020. The best tip for understanding Call of Duty is to learn a little more about it, so read on for more about its history and gameplay.

An Evolution of First-Person Shooter Video Games and Call of Duty as an Emerging eSport

An Evolution of First-Person Shooter Video Games and Call of Duty as an Emerging eSport

The Call of Duty franchise originally released games set during World War II, including Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2, and Call of Duty 3, released from 2003 to 2006. In 2007, the series branched out into a modern-day setting with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the first in what’s known as the Modern Warfare series. Call of Duty 4 sold over 13 million copies in under two years and proved to be the breakthrough title for the series, ultimately leading it to its current status as the bestselling first-person shooter game series of all time with 19 games in the main series.

eSports were a natural evolution for the series, and the Call of Duty League follows the model of other traditional North American leagues by using a set of permanent, city-based teams backed by different ownership groups.

What Makes Call of Duty a Great eSport?


As the game evolved into a multiplayer experience, Call of Duty League (CDL) has brought the game into the world of competitive eSports. Among other things, Call of Duty’s long history and its reputation for great gameplay and storylines are what earned it a strong place in the gaming world. Each new Call of Duty game introduces changes to settings and small updates, but the core gameplay has remained consistent, which allows the gaming community to grow. From 2016 to 2018, the prize pool for Call of Duty World League tournament players doubled from $3 million to $6 million, and in 2019, the new franchise league was announced, ushering COD into a new era of competitive gameplay.

What Are Some of the Key Phrases or Lingo Associated with Call of Duty?


As with any fictional realm, there are a number of unique terms and phrases used in the Call of Duty universe. While veteran players are more familiar with the specialized lingo, new players might be confused early on, especially because each Call of Duty title differs in its most popular slang. Here are some of the most commonly used terms:

What Does “Baiting” Mean in Call of Duty?

Baiting is a somewhat controversial move, wherein you or a teammate are used as a distraction to draw out or eliminate an enemy. Doing this without specific coordination is typically frowned upon.

What Does “Donut” Mean in Call of Duty?

A donut means you completed a level without getting a kill. The donut refers to the shape of a 0.

What Does “First Blood” Mean in Call of Duty?

As you can probably guess, the first blood indicates the first kill of a round or match.

What Does “Hip Fire” Mean in Call of Duty?

This refers to firing a weapon without aiming down sights. It’s much less accurate but can be beneficial in close combat situations.

What Does “KD” Mean in Call of Duty?

This is an abbreviation for “kill death ratio,” which is a measure of a player’s skill level.

What Does “Quickscope” Mean in Call of Duty?

A quickscope allows players to line up their shots quickly without using the traditional method of “hard scoping.”

What Does “Spawn” Mean in Call of Duty?

Spawning is the creation of a character or group of players when they enter the game with a new life. Spawn is also used to describe the location where players respawn.

What Does “Operator” Mean in Call of Duty?

This one is simple: the operator is your character in the game.

While these phrases may seem unfamiliar to you if you’ve never played Call of Duty, many are similar to other traditional first-person shooter games. Of course, as the COD series expands, more and more terms emerge that are unique to its gameplay. Understanding a few key phrases will make your conversations with your Call of Duty gamer much easier.

Are There College-Level Varsity eSports Teams for Call of Duty?


Over the past decade, more colleges and universities are offering varsity-level eSport programs alongside traditional athletic programs. While it’s still a relatively new phenomenon, there are currently 175 schools on that list, and many offer scholarships to players. These include the University of California at Irvine, Arcadia University in Pennsylvania, and Ohio State University, which stands out from the crowd by also teaching classes on eSports management, game art and production, game design, and the business of games.

Does That Mean My Child Could Go to College on a Full Call of Duty Scholarship?


There are many factors that go into receiving a full scholarship for eSports. The most popular games played at the collegiate level are currently League of Legends and Overwatch, but with the advancement of Call of Duty in the eSports world, there are more opportunities to come. Every school is different, but the majority of scholarships offered are partial, with schools paying for certain expenses. However, some schools do aggressively pursue high-level players with more money.

How Many Players Are on a Call of Duty Team?


During tournament gameplay, teams of four compete against each other. This changed from teams of 5 in 2021.

How Long Does a Call of Duty Game Last?


Matches consist of best-of-five gameplay. Depending on the different styles of play across leagues, Call of Duty games typically run until there is a final winning team. This means that there is no set amount of time, and gameplay is shorter or longer depending on the skills of the players. A typical round lasts 5-10 minutes but could go as long as 25-30 minutes.

Is there a tutorial I can watch to help me understand Call of Duty?


Absolutely! There are a number of useful tutorials to give you background on how gameplay works. This video is a great detailed tutorial for beginners from a seasoned gamer.

Is Call of Duty Free?


Call of Duty is a paid game, and pricing depends on the version you choose, whether console or desktop computer. For the eSports league, the game is always played on a PC.

Is Any Special Equipment Needed to Play Call of Duty?

Is Any Special Equipment Needed to Play Call of Duty?

When you’re at home, depending on the game you’re playing, Call of Duty titles can be played on various consoles such as Playstation and Xbox. They are also played on a computer, using a controller or a mouse and keyboard. In eSports league play, only a controller is allowed. There is some debate about which option allows for better gameplay.

Now that you know a little bit more about Call of Duty, we hope it allows you to better connect with your gamer. Share your Call of Duty tips or questions in the comments!

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