10 Things Esports Parents Should Know About CounterStrike: Global Offensive CS:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (known as CS:GO) is a popular first-person shooter. This game is an iteration of the Counter-Strike franchise and is widely considered one the of the best versions.

Furthermore, as a popular Esport, the game is also commonly played in the collegiate Esport athletics world. CS:GO is a counter-terrorist verse terrorist game. In this game, the terrorists are trying to plant a bomb, and the counter-terrorists are attempting to defuse the bomb.

An Evolution Of First-Person Shooters And One Of The More Popular Esports

An Evolution Of First-Person Shooters And One Of The More Popular Esports

Originally, Counter-Strike was released as a mod for the popular game Half-Life. But, of course, it did not stay a mod but rather progressed into a full-fledged game.

As it grew, it also began to refine the genre of a competitive, first-person shooter game. It also helped create a community of dedicated gamers who have enjoyed and followed the game’s growth and progression for over a decade now. GO or Global Offensive is just one iteration of Counter-Strike.

There have also been ones called 1.6 and Source. The game has become so popular, teams regularly compete on local, regional, and even international scale. The sport has even grown to have professional communities of players.

What Makes CS:GO A Great Esport?


Sports require players to know and understand the rules of their sport and how to perform those skills. In much the same way, Esports require players to learn the skills necessary to play their games at a competitive level.

Esport athletes practice and train in much the same way that traditional athletes do. Additionally, just like conventional sports that require people to work on collaborative teams, Esports require much the same. Players must learn their character’s skills, and teams must work together to accomplish the task of diffusing a bomb.

What Are Some Of The Key Phrases Or Lingo Associated With CS:GO


You probably already know that video games have a language all their own. CS:GO is no different. That said, learning all of the terms may feel daunting, so here are some terms to help get you started.

What Does “CS:GO” Mean?


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the full name of the game. Players use CS:GO as a short-hand version for quick reference.

What Does “Bait” Mean In CS:GO


When you “bait” someone in CS:GO, it means that you are trying to get the attention of the enemy to draw them to you to inflict damage. Baiting is a handy tactic when you wish to use your location as an advantage.

What Does “Nerfed” Mean In CS:GO?


When something has been “nerfed,” it means that something that would have helped you or given you an advantage before no longer does.

What Does “One-Shot” Mean In CS:GO?


As a player, if you perform a “one-shot,” it means that you were able to kill the enemy in one shot to the head.

What Does “Quickscope” Mean In CS:GO?


If you are using “quickscope,” it means that you are scoping in to an area and shooting quickly, without even using your scope to aim.

What Does “Strafing” Mean In CS:GO?


If you are “strafing,” it means that you are moving side to side, left and right, to make it difficult for an enemy to land a hit on you.

What Does “Shoulder peek” Mean In CS:GO?


This is another tactic used to make yourself difficult to hit. To perform a “shoulder peek,” expose your shoulder so your enemy shoots at you but probably misses.

There are many different phrases and terminology in CS:GO, and this is just a tiny glimpse of the various items. As you continue learning, you’ll learn more and more language, but this is an excellent place to begin.

Are There College-Level Varsity Esports Teams For CS:GO?


Many colleges and universities around the county are discovering the popularity of Esports. In fact, many have Esport teams that compete on the local, regional, nation, or even international level. CS:GO teams often perform at the varsity level, even offering scholarships. Please note, however, that some schools have been replacing CS:GO with Valorant, which is a newer, popular first-person shooter.

Does That Mean My Child Could Go To College On A Full CS:GO Scholarship?


While every school has different compensation for participating in Esports, some schools offer full or partial scholarships to Esport athletes. Some schools, on the other hand, may cover only some expenses. To understand what is covered, be sure to research the specific colleges and universities your child wishes to attend.

How Many Players Are On A CS:GO Team?


Like many other first-person shooters, each game consists of two teams with five players on each team, battling it out for the win.

How Long Does A CS:GO Game Last?


The game’s length depends on many factors, but you should plan on the match lasting roughly 25-30 minutes. That said, if the game is especially competitive, the game may last anywhere from 45-60 minutes.

Is there a tutorial I can watch to help me understand CS:GO?


CS:GO is quite popular, so there are plenty of resources for new players. This tutorial is a great place to begin.

This video starts with a tour of the home screen and what all of the options mean. They will also show you where to view and play with your friends if you choose to play with known players rather than queuing up.

The tutorial also discusses levels, leveling up, and badges. If you are considering Prime, this video also discusses the many benefits of purchasing the Prime (the paid) version of the game. Additionally, the tutorial will set the player up for success and make several recommendations for various settings to help make the playing experience enjoyable.

Once the video goes through all of the set up, it also gets into the actual gameplay and how to play the terrorist or counter-terrorist roles.

Is CS:GO Free?


Since CS:Go is so popular, it may surprise you to learn that CS:GO is free to play. That said, there are several ways people can upgrade their game. One of those ways is by purchasing the Prime mode.

This will allow you to gain access to more advanced players. Additionally, players who play under Prime do not need to deal with hackers as frequently, if at all. You can check out the store here.

Is Any Special Equipment Needed To Play CS:GO?

Is Any Special Equipment Needed To Play CS:GO?

Though you can choose to play with a controller, it certainly isn’t required. Gamers will be able to play with a keyboard and a mouse. Gamers with a responsive keyboard and mouse will find the game very enjoyable. We recommend using the keyboard and mouse you already have before choosing to upgrade.

We hope this information was helpful, and we would love to hear other tips and information you have for new players. Please connect with us in the comments below to share comments or anything we missed. Thank you for reading!

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