10 Things Esports Parents Should Know About FIFA

Does your child or teen spend a lot of time playing FIFA? Do you want to know more about it so you can relate better to your child and their interests?

We’ve gathered all the information you need to know to about FIFA to help you get the conversation started.

FIFA is a franchise of soccer video games with a new release every year that follows the most up-to-date player composition of those included in the football association, FIFA. In 2021, it was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the best-selling sports video game franchise in the world, having sold over 325 million copies.

FIFA is a college and professional level eSport, meaning that there are large tournaments where sponsored teams compete in the game.

How have soccer video games evolved?

How have soccer video games evolved?

Soccer video games were first developed in the late 1980s, but Electronic Arts (EA) started the FIFA video game franchise in 1993. It was the first video game to be officially licensed by FIFA, the world governing body of soccer.

While FIFA faced competition from franchises like Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer, it has pulled away in the last few years to become the dominant soccer video game in 2021. This is in no small part because of EA’s support of tournament group play.

What makes FIFA a great eSport?


Soccer’s international popularity and the way the game is played make FIFA an ideal eSport. Players of the video game can play for themselves or even their favorite franchises. Since soccer is a tournament sport, it lends itself to tournament eSport play.

Electronic Arts has also expanded play to 2v2 rather than 1v1, meaning teams of eSports players can play other teams rather than only one-on-one. This creates a team element in gameplay that mimics teamwork on the field.

What are some of the key phrases or lingo associated with FIFA?


FIFA has a long history and large gameworld, which means it practically has its own language that can be confusing for the uninitiated. Here’s a list of some of the common phrases and gameplay modes.

Career Mode

“Career Mode” is the “main game” or “single-player” mode of FIFA. In the first, classic version, you’re a manager tasked with running a team over the space of several years. In the second version, you create a player who you can then guide through their career.

Lob Pass

A “lob pass” is a pass lifted through the air over players’ heads rather than kicked along the ground.

Finesse Shot

This is a special shot aimed at the corner of a goal, beyond the goalkeeper’s reach.


This is a player statistic that describes a given player’s defensive abilities, such as tackling and positioning. It’s marked as DEF.


“Passing,” or PAS, is a player statistic that describes a given player’s passing ability in the game.


Abbreviated SHO, this is a statistic that describes a given player’s shooting ability in the game.


“Handling,” or HAN, is a goalkeeper statistic that represents the likelihood the keeper will hold onto a ball after a shot or cross.

There are more unique terms in FIFA, but many resemble ones from traditional soccer if you need a quick reference. This guide works as a useful starting point to talk with your FIFA gamer.

Are there college-level varsity eSports teams for FIFA?


Yes. eSports is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, and colleges have taken notice.

The National Association of Collegiate Esports is the national governing body of eSports. It currently has 151 member schools across the country.

FIFA is one of the games recognized as a college-level sport, which means that schools sponsor teams that play.

Colleges perform an initial evaluation of prospects who have submitted a recruiting form. Coaches also watch tournaments to scout for promising FIFA players. If a coach is impressed, they might offer a prospect to come for a tryout. These are usually held during or before a school year.

Parents, athletes, and coaches can learn more about the different programs and processes through the NCSA.

Does that mean my child could go to college on a full FIFA scholarship?


Each school that offers a scholarship is different. Many offer partial scholarships, but some may only pay for expenses. This can range from $500 to $8000 dollars per year, depending on the school’s program.

Recently, several schools have begun offering full tuition and other scholarships. These schools, like Harrisburg University, aggressively seek out the best talent for their programs.

How many players are on a FIFA team?


FIFA matches are structured as either 1v1 or 2v2. Think of it like tennis. It’s either singles or doubles. And, like tennis, the number of players depends on the style of the tournament.

How long does a FIFA game last?


In FIFA, the length of a half can vary from 4 minutes to 20 minutes, making a full game last anywhere from 8 to 40 minutes. With tournaments and timeouts, games can last from 15 to 90 minutes.

Is there a tutorial I can watch to help me understand FIFA?


The following video gives a crash course on new buttons to press and strategies to keep in mind while playing the more recent FIFA games. Check it out here.

Is FIFA Free?


Since 1993, FIFA has been a franchise that depended on upfront payments for the disc or download. EA has signaled, however, that FIFA will be free to play starting in 2023.

Is Any Special Equipment Needed To Play FIFA?

Is Any Special Equipment Needed To Play FIFA?

FIFA is available on all major consoles, including Xbox One, Playstation 5, and Nintendo Switch. It’s also available on PC.

For the best gameplay, choose a high-speed controller for your FIFA gaming as it will help you react to your opponent’s moves and ensure smooth gameplay.

You should have enough information about FIFA to understand the game and converse about it with your child. If your child plays FIFA, leave us your best tips, feedback or questions in the comments!

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