10 Things eSports Parents Should Know About Fortnite

Fortnite: the game that has taken over gaming for kids, preteens, and teens. It’s got merch, and it’s even sparked some dance crazes. This popular battle royale game is super fun, and with a bit of background information, you’ll be talking about it with your kids in no time.

How did Fortnite evolve from other battle royale games?

How did Fortnite evolve from other battle royale games?

Fortnite is a battle royale style video game. In battle royale games, many players (normally around 100) compete against one another to be the last surviving player on a shrinking map. Fortnite evolved from earlier games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (aka PUBG), Z1, and Apex Legends. These types of video games also include a scavenging aspect because there’s a survival feel to them.

The Japanese film Battle Royale is credited with the origin of the name for this style of game. However, the type of game itself comes from multiplayer and open-world survival games of the early 2010s like Survival Games. After Brendan Greene’s game Z1, Epic Games created and debuted Fortnite: Battle Royale, more commonly known simply as Fortnite.

What makes Fortnite a great eSport?


Fortnite has incredible draw and popularity. From this popularity, there is also a solid fan base. Due to the adaptation and love for the game, many brands are invested in this following. As a result, as an eSport, Fornite draws big competitions and impressive prizes. Since the game also has a lot of competitors on the board at once, there are a lot of people to compete with, which makes the feel of each game totally different.

What are some of the key phrases or lingo associated with Fortnite?


Like any video game, there will be phrases that you may not be familiar with when you begin playing or discussing the game. When you start talking about this game with your child, it will be helpful to know these terms.


This refers to a building technique players can use to gain higher ground than opponents. To do this, players turn 90 degrees while building those ramps and walls. This will help them gain height in a hurry.

Baiting, Baited, or Bait

When you bait another player, it means that you try to draw them to an area to improve your own game.


A buff is an improvement to an item that is applied using the settings.


When a player stays in one place, looking for an opportunity to kill an opponent, they are a camper.

Desert Eagle

Though the weapon called Desert Eagle does not actually exist in Fortnite, this describes a weapon called a Hand Cannon.


If a player gets knocked down but does not get eliminated, it means that they are “downed.”


This term refers to the equipment a player carries with them in the game.

One shot

When a player does substantial damage to the point that very little health remains, that is a “one-shot.”

Spawn Island

This is the place where players begin the game. It is calm and peaceful before the excitement of the game begins.


This is an exclamation of joy. It is used to show appreciation and excitement.

You may notice that many of these phrases are similar to other battle royale and first-person shooter games. And while you may hear your child talking about Fortnite using other language you don’t recognize, these will give you a place to begin as you talk to your child about their Fortnite games.

Are there college-level varsity eSports teams for Fortnite?


Fortnite, like many other video games, has become so popular that professional and college-level eSports teams are devoted to competitive gaming. Many of these colleges and universities also offer scholarships to their players.

Does that mean my child could go to college on a full Fortnite scholarship?


Since every school is different, it’s hard to say whether the particular school your child is interested in would provide a scholarship for participating in a varsity Fortnite team. Since schools often offer partial or even full scholarships, the best way to determine whether your child could receive a scholarship, is to research and investigate the specific school your child is interested in. If the school does not offer a scholarship, they may still cover some expenses.

How many players are on a Fortnite team?


In tournament play, players may play independently, but they may also play in trios. If a player competes solo, they will compete against all other players. If they compete in trios, they will compete against other trios that are playing.

How long does a Fortnite game last?


In a Fortnite game, the games last until there is a final winner or winning team, so the games may be long or short. The length of the games depends on the skill level of the players. Gameplay typically lasts between 20 and 30 minutes.

Is there a tutorial I can watch to help me understand Fortnite?


Absolutely! This YouTube video is a short explanation of how to play the game. The video explains how the game begins and what happens when you land on the ground. It also provides recommendations of what items to look out for while also keeping an eye out for other players. They also spend a brief amount of time discussing fortification building. Finally, you’ll also learn how to get to the new play area as the map gets smaller and smaller.

Is Fortnite free?


With as popular as Fortnite is, you may be surprised to learn that the game is actually free to play. You can play it on your desktop, mobile, and consoles like Xbox and Playstation.

Is any special equipment needed to play Fortnite?

Is any special equipment needed to play Fortnite?

This game is designed to be played using a keyboard and mouse. If you are playing on a console, you will need the appropriate game controller for that console as well.

I hope you found this information helpful, and I can’t wait to hear your tips and tricks for players just starting out. Please connect with us in the comments below! Thank you for reading! Yeet!

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