10 Things Esports Parents Should Know About League Of Legends

League of Legends is a popular online multiplayer video game. It has become so popular over the last decade that varsity Esport leagues compete in it against other schools for prize money.

An Evolution Of Warcraft And One Of The More Popular Esports

An Evolution Of Warcraft And One Of The More Popular Esports

World of Warcraft, or WOW, is a massive multiplayer PvE (Player vs. Environment or Monster/Enemy) that began in 2004. It remains a popular game, but it is rather complicated for new users. League of Legends, or LOL, is an online multiplayer battle arena video game. In LOL, players are fighting against other players rather than enemies in the game. A little newer than WOW, LOL is also free to play and easier to get started as a new player.

What Makes League Of Legends A Great Esport?


While getting started with League of Legends is pretty easy, becoming really good at it takes more time and dedication. Players spend hours each day practicing to become knowledgeable about the game’s mechanics and their champion’s skills. In a traditional sport, players spend hours practicing their skills to better understand how their body works while playing the game and train to become more talented athletes. In this way, the time commitment and intent behind the time spent is identical, even if an Esport athlete plays from a computer chair and a traditional athlete plays on a court, field, or pitch.

Traditional sports are also highly collaborative. How well a team works together during their games can determine a team’s success or failure. This is similar to LOL because this video game is highly collaborative. In LOL, you do not play solo, but rather on a team as one may in a more traditional sport. Because of this, players also need to hone their communication skills and learn to work together effectively and efficiently to achieve their desired outcome. For all of these reasons, LOL is a great Esport.

What Are Some Of The Key Phrases Or Lingo Associated With League of Legends


When starting something new, there can be a lot to learn. A new video game is no different. Here are several important terms to know as you learn how to play or talk to your child about their League of Legends play.

What Does “LOL” Mean In League of Legends?


While lol usually means “laugh out loud,” in League of Legends, it usually does not mean that. LOL, in this case, is an acronym made from the name of the game League of Legends. This is a trend similar to the one started by World of Warcraft which is known as WOW.

What Does “Champion” Mean In League of Legends?


Think back to when you played Monopoly last. Remember choosing a token? That choice is similar to selecting a champion in League of Legends. In LOL, players choose a “champion” to represent them in the game. Each champion has different abilities, skills, and attributes that make them unique. There are over 100 different champions to choose from, and with each new version, more champions emerge.

What Does “Ability” Mean In League of Legends?


So, each champion also has their own set of abilities. These abilities will be different from a summoner spell or active abilities that anyone can do. Instead, these are unique to the champion.

What Does “Death Timer” Mean In League of Legends?


Unfortunately, champions can die in LOL. After a champion dies, a death timer delays how long a player is out of the game for. Initially, this will only be a few seconds, but the death timer will be longer as the game gets harder and the champion gains levels. After the death timer finishes, the champion will respawn and rejoin the action.

What Does “Nexus” Mean In League of Legends?


Each team has a base. They have a large structure called a “Nexus” at their base. The goal for each team is to destroy the other team’s Nexus.

What Does “Recall” Mean In League of Legends?


While each champion has abilities that are specific to them, there are some abilities all champions have. For example, every champion can recall back to their team fountain.

What Does “Stun” Mean In League of Legends?


If a champion gets “stunned,” they will be unable to move, control their abilities, attack, or even use their active abilities.

There are many more unique phrases and terms to the LOL world, and it may feel like learning a new language at first. Still, these definitions and explanations will give you a place to start from. After showing your child that you are interested in League of Legends, there is a good chance they will wish to engage with you more in their conversations about the game. Through these interactions, you’ll surely learn a whole bunch. Your child is a great teacher.

Are There College-Level Varsity Esports Teams For League of Legends?


Dozens (and possibly even hundreds) of universities and colleges across the country have varsity-level League of Legends teams competing against others at high stakes levels. These teams are so competitive that they even offer scholarships for prospective students the same way that colleges offer traditional athletes scholarships to play.

Does That Mean My Child Could Go To College On A Full League of Legends Scholarship?


As with anything else, it depends on the university or college. Some schools offer coverage for some expenses. However, some offer full or half-off tuition scholarships. These schools tend to aggressively recruit players to build the most talented team possible.

How Many Players Are On A League of Legends?


The League of Legends gameplay is between two teams. These two teams have 5 players on each. These two teams will use their skills and abilities in battle as they attempt to destroy the other team’s Nexus.

How Long Does A League of Legends Game Last?

The timing of the game depends on how long it takes one team to beat the other. For that reason, the games can last anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes on average. Generally, it is advisable to set aside at least 45 minutes to ensure you have enough time for a game.

Is there a tutorial I can watch to help me understand League of Legends?


This YouTube tutorial is a good one. This tutorial discusses several concepts, including the game’s purpose, the gameplay, and the setting itself.

They share the importance of practice and learning the different components of the game as well as the landscape, monsters, and different parts of the game setting. Finally, the video begins to wrap up as the video discusses the most effective type of gameplay.

Is League of Legends Free?


You may be surprised to learn that LOL is free to play. That said, other in-game purchases help players customize their characters. Predictably, these costs can add up over time. So, if your child is interested in buying these customizations, consider using this as an opportunity to help your child learn to budget their money.

Is Any Special Equipment Needed To Play League of Legends?

Is Any Special Equipment Needed To Play League of Legends?

League of Legends does not require additional equipment other than a computer, mouse, and keyboard. Players who have a responsive keyboard and mouse will find the game even more enjoyable.

We hope you found this information on League of Legends helpful, and we’d love to hear from you! Please connect with us in the comments! What other tips and information should parents know about League of Legends?

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