10 Things Esports Parents Should Know About Madden NFL

Madden NFL is a popular Esport game with college and even professional level gaming teams. Madden closely mirrors an actual football game, and players get to make many decisions about what happens to their players on the field. Ready to live out those Super Bowl dreams? Check out Madden NFL below!

An Evolution Of NFL Football Video Games And Madden NFL As A Popular Esport

An Evolution Of NFL Football Video Games And Madden NFL As A Popular Esport

Madden NFL got its start when Trip Hawkins created a tabletop, football version of a game similar to Strat-o-Matic. From there, he founded EA Games in 1982 in large part because he wanted to make a computerized version of the game. After Joe Montana turned him down, Hawkins approached John Madden. Though Madden did agree, he absolutely insisted it be as close to the real game as possible. Over the years, Madden NFL has progressed and changed with time and new technology. Though new sports games came out, Madden continued to be a popular favorite from the early days all the way to now with Madden NFL 22.

What Makes Madden NFL A Great Esport?


Madden NFL is a very popular video game, but it is also a popular Esport. Most importantly, the gameplay is so realistic, especially in new versions, that it looks very similar to watching a real game. So loyal fans will enjoy playing the game and watching it as well. Since EA was primarily created to bring this game to life, it receives a lot of support and is constantly updating, so fans always have something new to look forward to with this game. There are also a lot of tournaments for players that often offer cash prizes for winners.

What Are Some Of The Key Phrases Or Lingo Associated With FIFA


Like any other popular game with a significant following that is frequently updated, several terms and phrases may be confusing if Madden is a new game for you. Here are several terms it will be important to know as you begin playing the game yourself, watching others play, or talking to your child about Madden NFL.

What Does “The Box” Mean In Madden NFL?

This area is a space on the field before the snap when the defensive line and the linebackers line up. If you were to click on “the box,” you could get help deciding if the defense will defend a run and if they have eight defenders in the box.

What Does “Check Down” Mean In Madden NFL?

If a quarterback has limited options, they may choose to do a “check down” which is a short pass to a halfback. This is generally a last option in a play.

What Does “Draw” Mean In Madden NFL?

A draw is a play that tricks the defense. In this one, the quarterback will drop back like they are getting ready to throw the football downfield, but once the defense is fooled, the quarterback hands the ball off to a running back who begins to look for open routes they can run.

What Does “Juke” Mean In Madden NFL?

A juke is when the gamer uses the right stick to have their offensive player move (generally one side or the other) to fake out a defender.

What Does “Pistol” Mean In Madden NFL?

A quarterback takes a shotgun snap in this unique formation with the half back still lined up behind the quarterback. This type of formation shows up in some team’s playbooks. For example, the Washington Football Team has it in their playbook.

What Does “Read Option” Mean In Madden NFL?

This one is for quarterbacks quick on their toes! In a read option, the quarterback can either hand off the ball or keep it. The player will need to make a decision based on what they see.

What Does “Zone Blitz” Mean In Madden NFL?

A zone blitz is when players bring pressure to one area of a field while also dropping defenders into another. This is used to confuse the offense to capitalize on their confusion.

Though Madden NFL has many terms you may be unfamiliar with, many terms are identical to traditional football terminology. These will give you a starting place when you want to begin talking to your gamer about Madden NFL.

Are There College-Level Varsity Esports Teams For Madden NFL?


Esports are becoming a very popular activity in colleges and universities. Many teams are so invested in their varsity level teams, they are even offering scholarships to students who want to play Madden NFL for the school.

Does That Mean My Child Could Go To College On A Full Madden NFL Scholarship?


While Esports are becoming very popular, not all schools offer complete scholarships to students. Some schools may offer partial scholarships, and some may offer to cover some expenses. To best determine if Esports are a good option for your child in college, investigate the specific university and their offerings.

How Many Players Are On A Madden NFL Team?


While Rocket League or League of Legends are team Esports, Madden NFL is an individual Esport game with two players working against one another. Each player will orchestrate their football players’ actions on their team for the game.

How Long Does A Madden NFL Game Last?


The players work through four quarters in Madden NFL games, but they are only three to five minutes of play. The match will last from 15 – 25 minutes with the collected quarters together. This time may change based on timeouts or penalties in the game.

Is there a tutorial I can watch to help me understand Madden NFL?


Absolutely! This video tutorial is a great place to start! This video discusses hot routes, coverage styles, making motions, and calling audibles. While discussing these different concepts, the video also defines and uses the terms to help you understand how to discuss, play, and watch the game. The video even tells you the specific keys to press depending on your particular gaming system. In addition to the keys, the video addresses when you want to use particular kinds of hot routes and motions. This video also covers how to call audibles and what they do. After covering several different types of actions in the game, the video also discusses the different kinds of zones available and when they work best.

Is Madden NFL Free?


Madden NFL is a paid game. You can purchase it for gaming consoles or for computer use.

Is Any Special Equipment Needed To Play Madden NFL?

Is Any Special Equipment Needed To Play Madden NFL?

You will play this game with a controller specific to whatever gaming device you choose. No matter your choice, you will want to be sure you have a quality gaming controller to have the most enjoyable experience possible.

We hope this Madden NFL information with tips and tricks was helpful. What other tips do you have for players just starting out? We’d love to know! Please connect with us in the comments section below.

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