10 Things Esports Parents Should Know About Player Unknown’s Battleground PUBG

While many parents today worry over their children having too much screen time or spending hours on end playing video games, most are also unaware that some screen time and some video games can have tremendous advantages for serious players and those teens dedicated to positive outcomes.

Player Unknown’s Battleground, now commonly referred to as PUBG: Battlegrounds, is one such game. PUBG, founded by a photographer and amateur web designer, Brendan Green, whose online handle is Player Unknown, has not only shown to be wildly popular in the esports gaming community, but it is also so popular that it is recognized as recruiting material for many college campuses.

It’s true. The NACE, National Association for Collegiate Esports, currently has 151 school members it recruits for, and the governing body considers successful players of first-person shooter games like PUBG to be excellent athletes. Indeed, they consider all sports, including esports, to be a valuable pathway to college success.

PUBG is a single shooter game that involves 100 players parachuting onto an island with the goal of killing each other and becoming the last man standing. Players can play solo, in pairs, or in small teams.

An Evolution of Battle Royale Games and PUBG as an Offshoot of DayZ

An Evolution of Battle Royale Games and PUBG as an Offshoot of DayZ

Founder Greene originally conceived of his idea for the game because of his love for the Hunger Games novels. He found other first-person shooter, survival games to be too repetitive, with the maps too easy to memorize.

His first shot was with a game called DayZ, wherein players would land on an island and all race for a stockpile of weapons. After some shifts and moves among companies and countries, Greene developed the more advanced and more playable PUBG, which he based loosely on the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale.

What Makes PUBG a Great Esport


It is not for nothing that PUBG has become a video game making its parent company, Bluehole, worth billions of dollars. The game has received both critical acclaim and commercial success largely because it is such an interesting game to play, even for players not typically inclined to play multiplayer single shooter games.

PUBG allows for players to work with what they have, to think on their feet, and to often land in humorous situations. All the while, millions of audience members are watching on, not involved in the play but simply fascinated by how the players interact with each other and find and use the materials placed strategically around the island for them to find.

One of the most critical aspects of PUBG that makes it a great Esport is its slower, heavier movements of players. It mimics real life more than other games do, as the players cannot fly, glide, or slide along surfaces. They must walk, run, and find as they would in real life.

What Are Some of the Key Phrases or Lingo Associated with PUBG?


As a parent of a teen engaged in PUBG, it is helpful to be familiar with the key phrases your child is using when playing or discussing the game, and what those phrases mean.

What Does “Safe Zone” Mean in PUBG?

The Safe Zone in PUBG is the white zone on the map, which indicates a space that is safe for you to wander and explore, pick up loot, etc. You want to always keep your eye on the safe zone as a player so you can make for it if you end up in a sticky situation or hope to find something to work with. The white zone will shrink as the game progresses, making it more challenging.

What Does “Looting” Mean in PUBG?

Players are free to loot the objects of any other player they kill. You can always clear and loot buildings or stop a loot truck on its route. Looting is an essential way to get through the game successfully as you will not make it far without weapons.

What Does “Revive” Mean in PUBG?

In two player or team mode, one player can enter a state of DBNO, “down but not out,” which means the player can crawl and drop items and won’t die right away. The other player or players will be alerted and can make for the DNBO player to “revive” him or her. A player can be DBNO several times in a single game. As long as another team member makes it in time, the player can be revived.

What Does “High Ground” Mean in PUBG?

In any multi player first person shooter game, as in PUBG, high ground means you have a strategic advantage to shoot from. You can see your opponents with a better vantage point before they see you.

What Does “Low Ground” Mean in PUBG?

Low ground then would put you at a disadvantage. You have less cover and less sight to see your opponents who may be shooting at you from high ground.

What Does “Hit Points” or “Health Points” Mean in PUBG?

Hit points and health points refer to the lifespan of a player and the points acquired for each kill. You start the game with 100 health points, and you lose points for each different kind of hit you take. Likewise, you gain points for each hit you make on another player.

Are There College-Level Varsity Esports Teams for PUBG?


Yes! As of last year, there are almost 100 universities with varsity level esports teams that play games which include PUBG.

Does That Mean My Child Could Go to College on a Full PUBG Scholarship?


Most colleges as of right now are offering partial Esports scholarships, but as popularity rises, more universities are indeed offering full scholarships.

How Many Players Are on a PUBG Esports Team?


The game begins with 100 players and the largest team you can have is made up of 4 team members.

How Long Does a PUBG Game Last?


Most matches last up to thirty minutes, depending on how long you survive. You could, of course, die within a few minutes of landing on the island.

Is There a Tutorial I Can Watch to Help Me Understand PUBG?


There are great tutorials to be found on YouTube. Here is just one that will give you a broad overview and prepare you to play with no experience whatsoever.

Is PUBG Free to Play?


Anyone can play PUBG free; where a player ends up spending money is on in-game purchases that allow players to purchase crates that contain gear.

Is Any Special Equipment Needed to Play PUBG?

Is Any Special Equipment Needed to Play PUBG?

PUBG is designed to be played on a keyboard with a mouse, so no special equipment is required like a controller. It will of course be helpful to have a fast-responding keyboard and mouse so your actions within the game can be quicker.

In the end, I hope these tips for understanding PUBG have been helpful. It is always great when parents can understand and get involved with what their kids are doing online, especially if you can find ways to encourage their interests. If you have any tips to add or have some feedback on your experience with PUBG, please leave them in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

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