15 Things Esports Parents Should Know About Rocket League

If you’re asking yourself, how do I connect with my child and their enthusiasm for rocket league? We have all the details you need to know. It looks a little fantastical, with rocket-operated cars and a giant ball.

So, what’s the objective? Your gamers attempt to get that big ball into the other team’s goal. Yes, it sounds simple…but it can be pretty challenging. So, challenging, in fact, that now professional leagues are competing in this game.

Rocket League came on the gaming scene in 2015 and is becoming more popular today. Here we share details about Rocket League, the terminology you should know, and what success in Rocket League could mean for your child’s future.

Soccer With Flying Cars? Is That Really What Rocket League Is?

What is Rocket League?

This fantasy sports video game, similar to soccer was created by Psyonix. The game takes players on a challenge to get their ball down the field and score a goal. Blue and orange teams begin on opposite ends of the field. The timer rings signaling that it’s go time and players aim their cars toward the ball to aim it to the goal on the other side of the field. The clock ticks down until one team propels the ball into the opponent’s goal and then it starts over. When regulation is over, the team with the most goals wins! It’s all fast-paced and requires dexterity and creativity.

What Makes Rocket League A Great Esport?


Rocket League is a gamer’s dream with easy-to-understand instructions. Your child can play on their own or a Rocket League team. Succeed in the game, and you can make it to the Rocket League Championship Series involving players from around the globe.

There are certain levels that must be achieved along the way to reach the ultimate goal of winning over $1m in prizes and the claim to fame as the World Champ! Teams must get through qualifiers, tournaments, and regional seasons to make it to the final match. The tools that make a successful Rocket League player contribute to success in other areas of life.

Critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity are essential in winning a match. Your child is also joining a community where they can get to know others, develop their character, and possibly earn an Esports scholarship.

What Are Some Of The Key Phrases Or Lingo Associated With Rocket League


Want to know what your child is chatting about when playing Rocket League? Here are a few terms you should know:

What Does “Boost” Mean In Rocket League?

Also called a Rocket Boost, this move lets a player increase speed or fly. It can also help them break or change their momentum.

What Does “Clear” Mean In Rocket League?

Clear or clearance is when a team hits a ball from one side to the middle in one fell swoop.

What Does “50/50” Mean In Rocket League?

50/50 is where two players go head-to-head; it’s how the game begins. Both players have a 50% chance of getting the ball to go the way they desire.

What Does “Aerial” Mean In Rocket League?

An aerial is when you boost into the air to hit the ball. It’s a significant move to learn if you want to be the best. In lower levels, it will set you apart from your opponents. In higher levels of Rocket League aerials are happening non-stop and they get pretty advanced. Failing to master this skill will send you running back to those lower levels.

What Does “Demo” Mean In Rocket League?

A demolition, or demo, is what it sounds like it is. One player drives toward their opponent, hitting them at full speed and blowing up their car. When they respawn, the opponent appears on their end of the field seconds later.

What Does “Pinch” Mean In Rocket League?

Just as you pinch by squeezing something between your two fingers, the ball is pinched between a player’s car and the wall, the ground, the ceiling, or another vehicle. This sends the ball flying out at rapid speed.

Now you know what’s happening when your child exclaims that they’ve been demo’d, they’ve hit an aerial, or they’ve scored a clear. This should help you get started when talking to your child about their Rocket League experiences.

Are There College-Level Varsity Esports Teams For Rocket League?


Esports teams are starting in high school with sanctioned leagues around the nation through the National Federation of State High School Associations and Play VS. If your school hasn’t started its local program, talk with the principal or athletic director. And now, more than 200 colleges and universities have Rocket League teams, some that offer scholarship opportunities. There are varsity and intramural matches available at some of these institutions.

Does That Mean My Child Could Go To College On A Full Rocket League Scholarship?


The availability of scholarships varies by institution ranging from partial expenses to full-tuition scholarships. Check with the Esports coaches at the universities your child is considering. Get a highlight reel together to give them a taste of your child’s skills.

Scholarships usually require that you are interested in a gaming program. Colleges with gaming opportunities include:

  • Arcadia University
  • Robert Morris University
  • Concordia University – St. Paul
  • Full Sail University
  • Boise State University
  • Kansas Wesleyan University

How Many Players Are On A Rocket League Team?


Rocket League players commonly play alone or as a part of a two- or three-person team. They gain the most experience and improve faster when playing with other players.

How Long Does A Rocket League Game Last?


The games are short, at just five minutes long, but a tie score can lead to the game being extended into sudden death. Once in sudden death, or overtime, the first team to score wins the match. Five games make up a match.

Is Rocket League Free?


Rocket League is a paid game at $20, but there is a free version with in-game purchases to customize vehicles.

Is Any Special Equipment Needed To Play Rocket League?

Is Any Special Equipment Needed To Play Rocket League?

To play, your gamer must use either a controller or keyboard. Many top players swear by a controller for better maneuverability.

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