10 Things eSports Parents Should Know About Valorant

As the parent of a gamer, it can be difficult to converse intelligently with them about their games, especially if you don’t play yourself. However, being interested in what your child is doing is a great way to make connections with them and keep the lines of communication open.

If your child spends all of his time talking about a game called Valorant, then we’ve got you covered. Read on for a quick primer on all things Valorant, a first-person shooter game that is focused on tactical efforts. Here are ten things you should know if Valorant is your child’s game of choice.

1. Valorant is an evolution of first-person shooters and this emerging popular eSport.

What is Valorant?

In a first-person game, the person behind the controller experiences the action. In the case of Valorant, the person behind the controller does the shooting. First-person shooters can exist in various settings, including realistic and fantasy ones. First-person shooters have been popular for many years, and now, they are becoming popular in the Esport world. Due to its complexity and skill, Valorant has become a popular Esport, especially at the university and college level.

2. What makes Valorant a great eSport?


Regular sports require athletes to practice their skills, work with their team and understand the game and how their body plays the game. Valorant requires players to learn these same skills to be successful in much the same way. Over many hours of training, a Valorant athlete will learn specifics about their agent and how they perform in the game, and they will practice their sharp shooting and tactical skills. Since this game is focused on precise shooting, being able to shoot accurately and reliably at a target makes a big difference in a player’s success.

The best Valorant teams are also the teams that communicate the most. If they can communicate information during the game, they will share vital information that will allow them to navigate the map and likely win confidently.

3. What are some of the key phrases or lingo associated with Valorant?


If you want to be able to converse with your child intelligently about Valorant, then you need to know the lingo. Though there are more Valorant-specific terms than those listed here, these will get you started learning the lingo.

What does “clear” mean in Valorant?

When an attacker is planting the spike, they may carefully look over the site to determine that it is safe. Once they do, they will state that the area is “clear.”

What does “CT” mean in Valorant?

This is a nickname that someone may give to a Valorant defender. It stands for “counter-terrorist,” and it comes from Counter-Strike, another popular game.

What does “crossfire” mean in Valorant?

This is when two teammates move on either side of an opposing enemy so that the enemy is between them.

What does “dink” mean in Valorant?

While a headshot is one of the quickest ways of killing an enemy, a “dink” happens when a headshot doesn’t quite result in death. This usually indicates that the enemy is near death.

What does “flank” mean in Valorant?

This means that a player is attacking an enemy from behind rather than on the side or in front of them.

What does “frag” mean in Valorant?

A “frag” is another name for a kill. The person with the top frag will have the most kills on a team while the person with the bottom frag will have the least.

What does “peek” mean in valorant?

When a player “peeks,” they look out from their place of cover to find enemies.

What does “rotate” mean in valorant?

When a player decides to “rotate,” it means that they are going to travel across the map to a new location.

What does “spawn” mean in valorant?

This refers to the place where characters begin a round. It may be in a different location depending on the assigned map.

Try not to be overwhelmed by the words you don’t know or find difficult to remember. Watch your child play the game to see these terms in action – or better yet, pick up a controller and join them.

4. Are there college-level varsity eSports teams for Valorant?


Over the last decade or so, colleges and universities have taken notice of eSport’s popularity and potential. As a result, a growing number of schools have or are developing eSport teams that play Valorant and other games similar to it. The schools that do have eSports teams, especially the ones with significant support from the administration, may offer scholarships to students who participate.

5. Does that mean my child could go to college on a full Valorant scholarship?


Schools vary pretty wildly in the degree of scholarship offered. While some universities may offer full or partial tuition covered, some schools cover only some expenses. To determine the level of scholarship offered, research the specific universities or colleges your child is considering and what options they may have.

6. How many players are on a Valorant?


Each game is between two teams of five players each. These two teams will rotate between offensive and defensive sides throughout the gameplay until one team wins 13 rounds or a maximum of 25 rounds pass.

7. How long does a Valorant game last?


Of course, how long the games last depends entirely on the teams’ skill and how well-matched they are, but generally, games last between 30 and 40 minutes. Highly competitive games may inch above 40 minutes, while very one-sided matches may be as short as 20 or 25 minutes.

8. Is there a tutorial I can watch to help me understand Valorant?


This YouTube video gives a detailed tutorial about how the game of Valorant works. The video begins with a discussion of how the game starts.

It also covers the general layout of the gameplay setting and how the maps work. From there, it explains the goal of each game and the objectives of the defenders and attackers.

It also breaks down the different types of agents in the game and what makes them unique. Since the game is a first-person shooter, the guns and weapons are a significant feature of the games, so the tutorial spends a great deal of time describing the weapons and how they work.

This tutorial also recommends using a microphone while gaming to be a more effective player and teammate.

9. Is Valorant free?


With such a robust and popular game, you may be surprised to learn that Valorant is actually free to play. That said, there are in-game purchases that players can use to upgrade their characters. Many of the upgrades available are different skins, and they range in price. Though the costs may be small for each item, those small fees can add up over time.

10. Is any special equipment needed to play Valorant?

Is any special equipment needed to play Valorant?

Like other games by game publisher Riot, Valorant is designed for computer play. Therefore, all you need is a mouse with a keyboard and mouse to play effectively. Players with a quality keyboard and mouse that are responsive will enjoy the game far more than those without quick mouses and keyboards. The tutorial mentioned above also recommends a headset when playing this game, but it is not required.

Additional Questions About Valorant That We Have Received:

We originally started this post as 10 questions, but as we meet other Esports parents and hear more questions, we thought we would continue this post, rather than starting a new one. Hopefully, these additional questions and answers about Valorant help out!

Is Valorant On XBox?

As of April 2022, Valorant is not available on XBox and while fans remain hopeful to see the game on the popular Microsoft console, there hasn’t been any official notification of plans to release Valorant on the XBox platform. So…right now. No, you cannot play Valorant on XBox.

Is Valorant On PS4?

Similar to the XBox answer, Riot Games hasn’t announced any plans to launch Valorant on console platforms, including the PS4 or PS5. That means you cannot play Valorant on PS4 at this time.

Valorant is an exciting, fast-paced game that requires skill and teamwork to be successful. Is your child a Valorant gamer? What else should parents know about the game? Give us your best tips in the comments. Happy gaming!

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