10 Online Gaming Terms That Parents Might Not Know

Gaming is a very popular pastime for kids and teens (and many adults too). As a committed parent, you want to understand what your child is talking about when they share their passions. Still, you may feel like you do not know what they are saying because they speak in a different language.

The terms may leave you scratching your head and wondering what do the gaming terms my kids use mean? Understanding several important and frequently used bits of the lingo will help you relate to what your child shares with you.

We hope this article of common gaming phrases will serve as a Rosetta Stone to help you decipher the sometimes-complicated gaming lingo.

In the world of online gaming, what does Discord mean?

In the world of online gaming, what does Discord mean?

A term you may hear frequently is Discord. Discord is a platform that many gamers use to communicate, but people who do not game use it too. Users may share information, jokes, or even everyday conversation across the platform, depending on the purpose. All types of gamers use Discord; this may include D&D groups, video gaming groups, or any number of different games.

The platform runs efficiently off a web browser, on your phone, or as a downloadable platform on your computer. It is an online place for people to meet and share. Sometimes users discuss gaming, and sometimes, they don’t.

So when your child is talking about hopping on Discord, they are referring to this communication platform. To stay engaged with the conversation, consider asking your child who they connect with on Discord. If they seem interested in sharing, you may even be able to see their Discord.

In the world of online gaming, what does streaming mean?


Over the last few decades, gaming has become more and more communal. Gamers love watching each other complete challenges and work through games. The process of putting your gameplay up so others can watch is called streaming.

This activity has become so popular that entire websites and apps exist to help content creators share their gaming. One of those websites is called Twitch. The Twitch website offers more than just streaming of games, however.

Their offered categories are Games, IRL (In Real Life), Music, Esports, and Creative. Here, you’ll find people streaming their gameplay as well as artists sharing their impressive piano skills.

In the world of online gaming, what does FPS mean?


You may have heard your child use the word FPS. This is not a word; it is an acronym for First Person Shooters. In these games, the gamer becomes the person conducting the story’s action. As the name suggests, these games often involve a fair amount of shooting. Therefore, these also tend to be the more violent games. Many gamers enjoy these, but some do not prefer them.

FPS can occur in the past, present, or even fantasy or dystopian worlds. Still, the primary features of these games remain their “first-person” nature. That is, the gamer is the one in the action and part of the game. If your child likes FPS, they may mention some of these popular games: Black Mesa, Doom Eternal, the Call of Duty series, Overwatch, the Half Life series, Rainbow Six Siege, Escape from Tarkov, Unreal Tournament, or Dusk, among others.

In the world of online gaming, what does NPC mean?


The term NPC is another acronym. It stands for Non-Player Character. These are the characters who the gamer does not control. Before video games, NPC got their start in tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons, where a Dungeon Master would roll and play as these characters. In video games, players may interact with these characters, but they cannot control their actions.

The term NPC also has meaning in the real world. It has also come to represent someone a person interacts with but does not know them well or is not directly involved in someone’s life.

In the world of online gaming, what does queuing mean?


You may have heard of the term “queue” to describe people lining up for something. It may be the newest Black Friday merchandise deals or even a favorite ride at Walt Disney World, but the term queuing is also a commonly used word in gaming. If your child is saying they are “queuing up” in an online game, it means the computer is generating a group for them to play with.

This will also mean that your child probably does not know the people they are playing with or against. While this may sound scary, it is very common in modern gaming. Help your child understand how to be safe online and not give out private information, and they will be just fine.

In the world of online gaming, what does AFK mean?


If you ever hear your child say AFK, it is another acronym that means “Away From Keyboard.” However, this term is now used much more broadly to state that the person is taking a break from their game. This break may include a bathroom break or even grabbing some crunchy snacks. Your child may also use AFK when they come to have dinner or go to bed for the night.

In the world of online gaming, what does GG mean?


If you are uncertain or concerned about your child’s gaming, you may wonder what it teaches your child. Please take comfort in knowing that, among the many social skills your child strengthens from gaming, one of them is good sportsmanship.

If you hear your child say GG, they actually mean “Good Game.” It is a term of good sportsmanship, regardless of a win or loss. This shows appreciation for an enjoyable game. GG is similar to teams lining up for high fives and shaking hands at the end of a game.

In the world of online gaming, what does glitching or glitchy mean?


If your child refers to something as glitching or glitchy, they mean that something appears off or broken about the game. There’s a hiccup in the code somewhere that creates a game that does not play well.

While some may find this frustrating, some gamers love glitches. Even entire YouTube videos and channels are dedicated to sharing glitches and glitchy games.

In the world of online gaming, what does bot mean?


Bots are all around the internet, and they exist in games too. Suppose your child refers to a bot as it applies to a game. In that case, they are referring to the automated characters who influence the gameplay or even conversations.

Frequently, bots will also help moderate and direct content on websites like Discord. The term “bot” may also refer to a person not thinking creatively as they play a game. Instead, they are thinking more robotic.

In the world of online gaming, what does cheese mean?

In the world of online gaming, what does cheese mean?

If your child uses the word cheese to discuss their gameplay, they are probably not asking for a snack. Instead, they are saying that they can win a game without working very hard or even understanding how the game works.

Often, gamers do this through shortcuts that make up some major game weaknesses. Unfortunately, this is not a very positive way to win games as it takes the skill and fun out of playing.

So, when talking to your child about their gaming, consider sprinkling in some of these terms. Your child may seem surprised at first, but they will love that you are taking the time to learn the language of gaming. If you found this helpful, we would love to hear from you!

Please connect with us in the comments section! Happy Gaming!

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