Gift Ideas for Gamers Who Love League of Legends

Since it was released in 2009, League of Legends has grown to become one of the largest eSports in the world. The game logged 8 million players in 2019, and the League of Legends World Championship registered 100 million unique viewers that same year.

And that’s just its popularity as an eSport.

Tie-ins like music videos, comic books, short stories, and even an animated series, Arcane, have swelled the already gigantic fan base. With so many players in love with the game, don’t be surprised if a gamer you know is a big fan, making a League of Legends-themed gift the perfect option for birthdays or other gift-giving holidays.

And we have 10 great gift ideas that will help be hit with your League of Legends gamer and let them show off their passion for the game.

League of Legends Gift Idea #1 – League of Legends Hoodie

While there are not as many options for hoodies as other games, the League of Legends hoodies more than make up for it with their creative designs and eye-catching colors.

Here are a few examples:

The Eat/Sleep/League/Repeat Hoodie is a funny retro distressed hoodie.

The Cutadorns Character Print Hoodie. This one comes with a full printed version of one of the game’s main characters.

The Zipper Hooded Jacket is a more color-forward hoodie with a design based on an anime look.

These hoodies are all high quality, showing off devotion to the game mixed with the sense of humor that goes along with being a League of Legends fan.

League of Legends Gift Idea #2 – League of Legends Gamer Pad

Since League of Legends is a computer game and not on consoles like Playstation or Xbox, this gamer pad is as much a practical gift as an artistic one.

With its large size and dynamic imagery, it’ll be impossible for anyone to miss your gamer’s love of the game.

At the same time, gameplay will be even better with the gamer pad’s smooth surface and anti-fray materials.

League of Legends Gift Idea #3 – A League of Legends Sticker Set

Give your gamer the ability to customize their laptop, locker, skateboard, or anything else with custom League of Legends stickers.

A good gift idea for kids who love League of Legends, stickers are a cheap, easy and fun way for them to show they’re a fan.

The set comes with 100 stickers of two different styles and can stick to just about anything, which means they can choose which of their favorite characters to display and where to display them. They’re also environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

League of Legends Gift Idea #4 – Gift Card to Use in League of Legends

Give your gamer the power to upgrade their character in-game and jump ahead of the competition! While you may not know much about League of Legends, a gift card allows your friend or loved one to add to their in-game currency.

Maybe the most practical gift for a fan of the game, a gift card lets them purchase new champions and skins or outfits for their characters.

League of Legends Gift Idea #5 – A League of Legends T-Shirt

Just like the hoodies, there are some great options for League of Legends T-shirts.

The Eat/Sleep/League/Repeat T-shirt is like the hoodie mentioned above, only in a T-shirt style, perfect for warmer days.

The Straight Outta Mid-Lane T-shirt lets your gamer broadcast their insight into the game to other players with this funny inside joke T.

The Committed to League T-shirt is a funny reminder to your gamer’s friends of how much they love the game.

These shirts also show off the League community’s sense of humor and wit.

League of Legends Gift Idea #6 – A League of Legends Oil Painting Set for Their Wall

A League of Legends oil painting set will be a hit with any League of Legends fan who want to display their love for the game in their home.

Made from high-quality canvas, this Arcane wall-hanging can be displayed anywhere in the recipient’s home.

This gift is especially good for people who love the show based on the game or who admire the characters and graphics in the game.

League of Legends Gift Idea #7 – League of Legends Calendar

A League of Legends calendar will keep your League of Legends player organized and ready to plan the next gaming night. It’s a great resource for those players that want to keep track of tournaments and important dates for League play.

Its high-quality images and large grids allow for detailed scheduling and lets your favorite gamer show off their love for League of Legends at home or at the office.

League of Legends Gift Idea #8 – League of Legends Baseball Cap

A League of Legends baseball cap is a great option for the most stylish of gamers. Pair it with a League of Legends hoodie or T-shirt, and your gamer will be looking great for their next day of gaming.

League of Legends Gift Idea #9 – Gaming Pajama Pants

Few things make a marathon gaming session more comfortable than a great pair of pajama pants.

With a cool gaming pattern, these pajama pants will let your gamer show off their love of the game in comfort.

League of Legends Gift Idea #10 – Glow In The Dark Gaming Throw Blanket

A glow in the dark gaming throw blanket is a great way to decorate a room or keep your gamer warm during a marathon gaming session. The blanket’s lightweight design makes it perfect for travel, which means your gamer can wrap up in its warm comfort and take their love for League of Legends wherever they go.

In Closing… We hope you found something fun here to get as a gift for the League of Legends fan in your life or at least got you started in your search.

Which is your favorite of the ones above? Least favorite? Are there any great League of Legends gift ideas we missed?

Add your thoughts or gift ideas for League of Legends gamers in the comments section!

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