My Favorite Gaming pad or Mouse Pad for Serious Gamers

When it comes to choosing the right gaming pad or mouse pad, there are a ton of them on the market, and what’s “right” for one person might not be good for another.  

Whether it’s price, comfort, style, or smoothness of the scroll there are a bunch of different factors that go into choosing the right one. 

To help you out, I’ve tested a few different mouse pads and done some research to be able to share my favorite gaming mouse pads.

Why Is a Gaming Mouse Pad Important?

Having a gaming mouse pad can provide a variety of benefits. Some benefits focus on comfort, while others can actually have a measurable outcome on your game play. These benefits include:  

  • It evens out the surface that is underneath the mouse (e.g., your desk or gaming table) so there are no indentations that might disrupt the smooth scroll of your mouse. 
  • A gaming pad gives you an easy-to-clean surface that keeps crumbs or dirt from getting in the way of your gaming.  
  • It protects your desktop and extends the life of both your desk and mouse. 
  • Some mouse and gaming pads have a comfort feature that supports the wrist, reducing wrist fatigue and pain after a long gaming session. 
  • With a gaming pad, you can often make more precise movements, resulting in faster response times. 

Why Is a Gaming Mouse Pad Important?

What to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Mouse Pad 

A soft mouse pad usually has a padded or rubber back, and the front is made of fabric. They usually feel nice and provide a comfortable place for you to rest your wrist.  


The fabric top should be smooth enough that your mouse glides across it. 

A soft mouse pad is ideal for those who are gaming from the same place all the time and don’t need to move the mouse pad around. Traveling with a soft mouse pad (e.g., from home to school) could result in it being torn or damaged. 

Benefits of a soft mouse pad are that they are usually inexpensive, easy to maintain, and are a bit more comfortable. 

A hard mouse pad, on the other hand, is different in that it is usually made from a more durable material like plastic, aluminum, or glass. Hard mouse pads are usually suitable for those who move around a lot and are worried that a soft mouse pad might be easily damaged. 

A hard mouse pad is also suitable for those who use computer mice with laser sensors. Another advantage of hard mouse pads is that they are waterproof and can be easily wiped off if you spill coffee or energy drinks.  

After all, who hasn’t accidentally spilled their drink on their mousepad? Anyone? Anyone? 

The downside of hard mousepads, however, is that they tend to move when you play. If you prefer a hard mouse pad, be sure you find one with gripping material on the back so it doesn’t slide away if you make quick movements. 

Whether you choose a soft or hard gaming mouse pad, the most important thing is to find the one that is best for your gaming location and your budget. Your gaming pad can directly impact how quickly your mouse moves, which can positively or negatively impact your gaming.  

Don’t miss a killshot or the block of a shot-on-goal because your mouse pad didn’t allow your mouse to move as effortlessly as you need it to. 

What Size Should the Mouse Pad Be?

When it comes to the right size for a gaming pad, it’s all about your needs. Your mouse pad needs to be large enough for you to make precise movements and large enough so you won’t need to lift the mouse and place it on the mouse pad again. 

There are gaming pads that are large enough to cover your entire desk with a smooth material. The problem with these huge gaming pads is that they simply become your desk and when you put your keyboard, monitor, mouse, etc…on top of them, they lose their ability to be easily moved and cleaned. 

So, don’t go too big when choosing a gaming pad. 

On the flip-side, though, don’t go too small. Some games require a lot of mouse movement, and the last thing you want to do is pick up your mouse and reposition it because you ran out of mouse pad. Games such as CS:GO require a lot of quick movements and to be successful, you’ll need a fairly large mouse pad. 

Another personal preference that could impact the size of your mouse pad is the sensitivity level you choose for your mouse. If you have set your mouse to be less sensitive, it will require a lot more movement and, as a result, a larger mouse pad is needed for gaming. This is because the computer mouse then needs to travel a longer distance to reach the goal on the screen. 

For other games that may require more technique and tactics than fast movements, a smaller mouse pad will allow you to accomplish the precision without taking up a ton of desk space.  Games such as League of Legends are examples where precision is more important that fast movements. 

If comfort is important to you, a larger mouse pad or gaming pad might give you more space to rest your wrist. Some even come with a gel pad that can really ease wrist pain over time. So, consider how much comfort plays a role in selecting the mouse pad that is right for you. 

The last thing to consider is how the mouse pad looks. There are a TON of options for customizing your gaming or mouse pad. Want a Rocket League gaming pad? That exists. Rather have a League of Legends mouse pad? That exists, too.  

Once you figure out what material you want and what size it should be, then look at the aesthetics.  

How Did I Approach Ranking Different Gaming Mouse Pads?

I considered several different factors to test as many features as possible when deciding my favorite gaming mouse pad. With the ranking of the features in mind, I then compared it to the price to get as complete of a ranking as possible.  

How Did I Approach Ranking Different Gaming Mouse Pads?

Here are a few of my favorite gaming mouse pads. 

Asus ROG Sheath Mouse Pad – My Favorite Large Gaming Mouse Pad 

Brand ASUS 
Size X-Large 
Color Black/Red 
Material Cloth 
Shape Round 


Asus ROG Sheathis a popular large gaming mouse pad. It is perfect for games like CS:GO, where you have low mouse sensitivity. 

With its large surface area, it is nearly impossible to end up with your mouse going off the pad – believe me, I tested it. Even with the fastest games where you need to make big, fast movements, I never seemed to run out of space.  

The underside of the mouse pad is grippy and prevents it from moving when playing. 

The front is water-resistant, which is great if you like to have a drink while you play. You know why. 

The stylish design includes sewn edges that will keep it from fraying over time.  

For these reasons, the Asus ROG Sheath is my favorite and go-to large mouse pad. 

Logitech G240 Fabric-covered Mouse Pad – My Favorite Mouse Pad for Gaming 

Brand Logitech G 
Size Large 
Material Rubber 
Shape Square 


The Logitech G240 is a smaller gaming mouse pad that is great for anyone who plays precision games like League of Legends. While you can’t make huge movements like you can on some larger mouse pads, I still feel the Logitech G240 provides plenty of room. 

The thing I like about the G240 is that it doesn’t feel like it takes up the entire desktop. I use this mouse pad for both gaming and business, and it’s just about the right size for both. It is also practical as you can easily move it and wipe the desk if needed. 

The design is basic but also stylish. Its price is also reasonable, which makes it easy to replace if it is damaged. 

The Logitech G240 is an incredibly thin (1 mm) gaming mouse pad that is optimized for lasers and optics sensors. The underside is made of rubber, which means it does not move when you play.  

It also weighs only 90 grams and rolls up if you need a mouse pad for on-the-go gaming. 

Corsair MM150 Ultra-Thin Gaming Mouse Pad – Medium – My Favorite Affordable Gaming Mouse Pad 

Brand Corsair 
Size Medium 
Material Polycarbonate 
Item Thickness 0.5 Millimeters 


The Corsair MM150 Ultra-Thin Mouse pad is a bit more of a budget variant but for those not ready to break the bank on a mouse pad, it’s still a good option.  

This gaming pad doesn’t really give off that premium vibe, but it’s a mouse pad….so that’s okay. One of the downsides of saving some money, though, is that the mouse does not slide quite as easily and freely as on the Asus ROG Sheath.  

It’s not sluggish, but going from a premium mouse pad to a more budget-friendly one might be a shock. 

The simple black design isn’t my favorite, but if you’re looking for something that doesn’t draw attention, it does the job. Personally, I prefer some color on my mouse pad, especially if it’s a large one. 

However, what really wins me over on this one is the price. For what you’re spending, you get a pretty good mouse pad. 

The Corsair MM150 Ultra-Thin Mouse pad is optimized for both laser and optical sensors. It is also relatively large and suits anyone who prefers a larger mouse pad.  

It is also thin, only 150 mm thick. It’s dimensions are 350 × 260 mm. 

Logitech Power Play Wireless Charging Mouse Pad – My Favorite Innovative Gaming Mouse Pad 

Connectivity Technology Wireless 
Brand Logitech G 
Style Powerplay Mouse Pad/G Pro Mouse 
Item Weight 80 Grams 
Hardware Platform PC 


Logitech is always pushing the limits of gaming, and I feel like this is a great advancement in mouse and gaming pads.  

Gaming mouse pads that can charge your mouse are brilliant. I definitely prefer a wireless mouse over a wired mouse, but having to change batteries or worry about not making a goal because my batteries are worn down and my mouse is lagging is an issue.   

With this gaming pad, I can get the benefits of a wireless mouse and be sure it is always charged and performing at its best. This mouse pad is based on a system called Logitech Power Play, which means the mouse pad has wireless charging for computer mice.  

For the wireless charger to work, you need to be using either a G703 or G903 mouse. So, yes, it does not work with just any mouse, but both the G703 and G903 are great gaming mice. The mouse pad also has a light speed receiver that prevents signal errors. 

Is it a bit on the pricey side? Yes. Is it worth it. I absolutely believe it is. 

So, there you have it. My favorite gaming mouse pads. There should be a recommendation for everyone, no matter your budget, size, or style preferences.  

Have a great gaming mouse pad that you love? Share it in the comments so others can benefit from your experience.