What Are Overwatch Endorsement Levels and How Do They Work?

The popularity of Overwatch is undeniable. The first-person “hero shooter” by Blizzard has millions of daily players around the world.

Launched in 2016, the team-based multiplayer first-person shooter game was developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment.

Overwatch assigns players into two teams of six, with each player selecting from a large roster of characters, known as “heroes,” with unique abilities. Teams work to complete map-specific objectives within a limited period of time.

One of the features that Blizzard has included in the game is endorsements to help gamers recognize their peers for great attitudes, sportsmanship, and gameplay. However, not everyone is aware of the endorsements in Overwatch or how they work.

You might even be asking, “What are endorsements in Overwatch?”

Confused about how the endorsement system works in Overwatch? Here are a few notes and tips to help you understand how the system works and how to take full advantage of it.

What Are Endorsements in Overwatch?

What Are Endorsements in Overwatch?

Overwatch endorsements are a social feature that is meant to reward and feature players for their good behavior.

How do endorsements work in Overwatch? At the end of an Overwatch match, you can give three different types of endorsements to teammates and one type to enemies. You can endorse three players per match, and giving out an endorsement grants 50 XP to you as the player that granted the endorsement.

Despite its popularity, Overwatch has had some issues with toxic players that Blizzard has been unable to eliminate despite its best efforts. Endorsements are a new system to help encourage better behavior.

Instead of penalizing players for toxic behavior, Blizzard hopes to encourage good gaming etiquette by rewarding positivity with advantages in the game.

How Are Overwatch Endorsements Related to Leveling Up in the Game?


Gaining endorsements through positive gameplay can help you advance toward leveling up in the game. However, endorsements have their own progression system to work on.

They don’t use the same XP system as your normal level. Endorsements can only be leveled up by earning more of that endorsement.

What Are the Different Endorsement Levels in Overwatch and What Do They Mean?


Three types of Overwatch endorsements can be earned. Here’s an overview of them and what they mean:

What Is the Shot Caller Endorsement in Overwatch?


The Shot Caller is the leader/strategist. The Shot Caller endorsement can only be given to teammates. According to PlayOverwatch.com, “Players who lead or execute strategies on the battlefield can earn a Shot Caller endorsement.”

What Is the Good Teammate Endorsement in Overwatch?


The Good Teammate excels at helpful, effective communication. The Good Teammate endorsement can only be given to teammates. “You can reward those who work as highly effective team players with a Good Teammate endorsement,” according to PlayOverwatch.com.

What Is the Sportsmanship Endorsement in Overwatch?


The Sportsmanship endorsement is for positive, respectful players. The Sportsmanship endorsement can be given to either teammates or enemies. PlayOverwatch.com states, “You can give Sportsmanship endorsements to people who are a positive influence in-game.”

Can Endorsements in Overwatch Help Me Get More Gear?


If you have a high endorsement level, you can get extra loot boxes. This means positive gameplay can result in you receiving better rewards.

While Blizzard has not been open about exactly how this works, some players have identified what appear to be patterns in how the loot is rolled out to players who earn endorsements.

For example, a player explained on Reddit that they noticed that receiving endorsement loot boxes appears to be based on a combination of your endorsement level of how often you play, or possibly how many endorsements you receive in that time.

How Do I Endorse Another Player In Overwatch?


Here’s how to endorse players in Overwatch. At the end of a match, an option to endorse a player will appear at the bottom of the screen during Play of the Game. The game will also prompt them to provide endorsements.

You can endorse up to three players per match, but only once per player every 24 hours. You can endorse your teammates or players on the opposing team. However, the Sportsmanship endorsement described above can only be given to a player on the opposing team.

How Many Endorsements Do You Need to Get to Level Up in Overwatch?


How many endorsements do you need to level up in Overwatch? The algorithm behind Overwatch endorsements remains a bit of a mystery. Blizzard hasn’t released any details as to how many you need to move up in levels, but at this point, it seems to be quite a lot.

With that in mind, the best way to advance toward the next level is to continue to play, play well, and play nicely. Doing so will result in more endorsements and advance you toward the next level.

What Is The Highest Level of Endorsements You Can Get in Overwatch?

What Is The Highest Level of Endorsements You Can Get in Overwatch?

All players begin at endorsement level 1 and can progress to a max level of 5. Every endorsement you receive impacts your endorsement levels. You will also receive a small amount of player experience for endorsing another player.

Higher endorsement levels can help you get better groups in the “Looking for Group” tool.

What Is Endorsement Decay in Overwatch?

Endorsement decay is something you need to be aware of. While earning endorsements is a great way to help you in Overwatch, you do need to use your endorsement relatively quickly.

This is because, over time, your endorsement levels will drop to penalize gamers for bad behavior in gameplay by reducing their endorsement level over time.

Endorsement levels can drop for the following reasons.

  • You have been playing for a long time without receiving any endorsements. You need to continue to earn those endorsements to prove that you are playing well and playing nice.
  • You are constantly being reported for cheating or bad behavior. This goes against the whole point of the endorsements system.
  • You regularly leave the game before you finish a match. Abandoning your teammates is not playing nice.

However, keep in mind that simply going a while without playing Overwatch does not negatively impact your endorsement levels.

Blizzard recognizes that everyone needs an occasional break from even the most popular games and has wisely considered this in the endorsement algorithm.

I hope we’ve cleared up any confusion surrounding Overwatch endorsements. If you have additional experiences or tips on Overwatch endorsements, let us know in the comments.