10 Things eSports Parents Should Know About Defense of the Ancients 2 AKA DOTA 2

You may have come here thinking, “My child plays DOTA 2, but what is DOTA 2?” Don’t worry; we have you covered!

Defense of the Ancients 2, also known as DOTA 2, is a popular online game that evolved from Warcraft III. In DOTA 2, a player’s primary goal is to destroy the other team’s ancient.

Each gamer plays as a unique hero, which they choose out of an extensive collection. This game is a college-level and professional eSport with a massive following.

An Evolution of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games and DOTA 2 as an Offshoot of Warcraft III

An Evolution of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games and DOTA 2 as an Offshoot of Warcraft III

In 2003, the Warcraft III game modding community created Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) to complement Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and the expansion (The Frozen Throne).

It quickly became popular and is considered one of the first major games in the genre of multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games to hold sponsored tournaments. The game we’re talking about in this article, DOTA 2, came out as a sequel in 2013.

What Makes DOTA 2 a Great eSport?


eSports are popular because people enjoy playing together in a collaborative, engaging environment that rewards progress and hard work, just like a physical sport.

DOTA works well as an eSport because players must work together to achieve a common goal. It is a team-based environment that requires each player to work independently and be the last team standing.

What Are Some of The Key Phrases or Lingo Associated with DOTA 2?


Like any game with its own rules, DOTA 2 has many unique phrases. Understanding these phrases will be vital if you want to understand the game.

There is an ongoing WIKI that provides detail on many different terms, but these are the ones we feel are most important to understand.

What Does “Ancient” Mean in DOTA 2?


An ancient is a large construction on either side’s base, and each team only has one. Ancients are significant because the first team to take out the other team’s ancient wins the game.

What Does “Burst Damage” Mean in DOTA 2?


This is the name given to something that unloads a large amount of damage in a short amount of time.

What Does “Carry” Mean in DOTA 2?


A carry is a type of role in DOTA in which the hero is weak early on in the game but can make a significant impact later in the game.

What Does “Cooldown” Mean in DOTA 2?


This is a period in which a hero cannot use an ability or item. Cooldowns are measured in seconds.

What Does “Dire” Mean in DOTA 2?


This is the name given to one of the factions. Their side is on the top right part of the game’s map.

What Does “Fountain” Mean in DOTA 2?


In a nutshell, each team’s fountain helps those it is friendly to and harms those on the other side. Each team has a fountain on its side.

Friendly heroes get increased health and mana regeneration while the enemy gets blasted if they come too close.

What Does “Mid” or “Middle Lane” Mean in DOTA 2?


This is a type of role played in the game. For those playing the middle lane, they’ll need the experience to succeed alone at the beginning of the game as well as hold their own enough to play the middle lane.

What Does “Offlane” Mean in DOTA 2?


The offlane role deals with both the carry on their own team and the one of the other side. They’ll help create space for the carry on their own side and keep the opposing carry in check.

What Does “Radiant” Mean in DOTA 2?


This is the other name given to one of the factions. Their side is on the bottom left part of the game’s map.

What Does “Runes” Mean in DOTA 2?


These are powerups that spawn in various spots during the game. There are three types: power, bounty, and water runes. All three help players by giving them a power, health, or gold boost.

What Does “Safe Lane” Mean in DOTA 2?


This is the name given to the line where the creeps meet near your team’s tower.

What Does “Support” Mean in DOTA 2?


As this name suggests, heroes in the hero class help their teammates with heals and buffs.

What Does “Tank” Mean in DOTA 2?


This is a descriptor for a type of hero that can take a large amount of damage. They are typically strength heroes.

If that all felt like a lot of information, don’t worry. There’s always a lot of new jargon when learning about any new subject. However, beginning to familiarize yourself with these terms will support the conversations you have with your gamer.

Are There College-Level Varsity eSports Teams for DOTA 2?


You may be surprised to learn that several universities and colleges have varsity-level teams playing DOTA 2. In fact, these teams are popular and well supported, so schools occasionally offer scholarships and assistance for gamers who play for their school team.

Does That Mean My Child Could Go to College on a Full DOTA 2 Scholarship?


Maybe! Every college and university is different. Some colleges have active, competitive teams, and others are just starting.

Some schools offer partial scholarships, while others aggressively recruit the best players with half- and full-tuition scholarships. To understand your child’s options, you should investigate the individual schools and their participation in eSport leagues.

How Many Players Are on a DOTA 2 eSports Team?


Gameplay includes five players on each team, and each player has a unique role. In competitions, each team adds an additional spot for their coach.

How Long Does a DOTA 2 Game Last?


The timing of each game will depend on the structure of competitive matches/tournaments. However, in general, games last 40-45 minutes.

Is there a tutorial I can watch to help me understand DOTA 2?


Of course! This YouTube video covers everything you need to understand the game as a beginner. This YouTuber covers the game’s premise, heroes, the map, user interface, and terminology. You’ll also see a lot of gameplay to understand what DOTA 2 looks like.

Is DOTA 2 Free to Play?


Though DOTA 2 is free to play, in-game purchases help players have a more effective, enjoyable game. So even if players begin by paying nothing, they will probably want to buy gear at some point.

Is Any Special Equipment Needed to Play DOTA 2?

Is Any Special Equipment Needed to Play DOTA 2?

Gamers control and play the game on their computers using their keyboard and mouse, so a controller is unnecessary.

However, gamers find that keyboards and mice with fast response times make the gameplay even more enjoyable.

We hope these tips for understanding what the DOTA 2 game is all about were helpful.

If you have any other tips about DOTA 2 that would help other parents, please drop them in the comments below.

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