Common Questions (and Answers) for Rocket League Gamers

If you’re an avid gamer, you’re likely a fan of Rocket League. Rocket League entered the gaming scene in 2015 and now is available on multiple platforms.

By 2018, over the game had more than 40 million players. This soccer-inspired game has sold more than 10 million copies and received numerous industry awards and accolades.

Rocket League has also made an impact in the world of eSports, with many tournaments featuring professional Rocket League players.

Do you love playing Rocket League but want to know more about the game and have some questions? Here are some answers to common questions that we hear about the game.

What Is Griefing in Rocket League?

What Is Griefing in Rocket League?

Every once in a while, a gamer may come across a player who is annoying or seems to be intentional about being a huge nuisance to other players. This is called “griefing” because this person seems to enjoy or at least is very good at giving other players grief during the game, which sucks some of the enjoyment from the game.

Griefing can happen in numerous ways, but here are some forms of griefing during a game:

  • Performing actions detrimental to the performance of their own team member, like blocking their shots.
  • Taking actions that are a waste of another player’s time, like intentionally playing as slow as they can.
  • Intentionally violating the rules.
  • Harassing other players through chat mediums.

Rocket League has upgraded its latest release to allow players to report as much bad behavior as possible: from text harassment to trade scams. Such reporting could leave griefing players banned from playing the game.

How Do You Get the Fennec Blueprint in Rocket League?


One of the most popular cars in the game is the Fennec. This car is not easy to get, and as this video shows, it has a multitude of designs.

Did you know although it’s not one of the initial options, you can access the Fennec blueprint and customize it to your liking? Yep, just go to the Garage in Rocket League, click on Manage Inventory, then go to Blueprints to find the Fennec blueprint. From there, you can customize it as you want.

How To Do a Half-Flip in Rocket League?


One of the most skillful techniques in Rocket League that can be the difference between a win or a loss is the half-flip. This technique allows the player to flip backward and change the direction of their car to face forward.

It’s a quick move for doing a full 180. Want to learn how to do a full backflip halfway through and land on your wheels? Watch this video to perfect the skill.

What Is a Turtle Goal in Rocket League?


If you’ve ever scored a goal in Rocket League while your car was upside-down, you got a turtle goal. This is a popular move in Rocket League that many want to achieve.

And if you accomplish it, there are rewards to be had. You can earn the Sea Turtle achievement in the game by scoring a Sea Turtle goal while in the Aquadome.

Less than 1% of players have been able to achieve that. Watch this video to learn how to unlock this special skill.

Does Forfeiting a Match in Rocket League Affect Rank?


You may have played matches with teammates who have forfeited and felt that you had to forfeit also. But you don’t have to.

In Rocket League, if your teammate leaves the match, only their matchmaking rank (MMR) will be negatively impacted. If you stay and continue the match, your MMR will only be negatively impacted if you lose.

However, if you stay and win (which is unlikely since it’s a mismatch), there’s no negative impact on you. Knowing this, many opt to just forfeit with their partner.

Should you forfeit the match with your partner, you will also receive a negative MMR. While still winning the match is unlikely after your partner forfeits, you never really know the final outcome unless you actually play the match.

How Do I Join a Private Match in Rocket League?


At some point, after playing the game long enough, you’ll want to join a private match. If you’re aspiring to be a great eSports player, private matches are often used in tournament play. Knowing how to create your own private match or join one would be a good skill to have.

To create your own private match:

  • Select Play on the Main Menu
  • Select Private Match
  • Customize your settings for the match

To join a private match:

  • If a player wants to invite others into a private match, they’ll create a name and a password for it. Go to Private Match and enter the name and password for the private match.

What Is Smurfing in Rocket League and Can You Get Banned for It?


When playing Rocket League with others, most players want to be matched with players of similar skill. However, every once in a while, you could end up playing against someone you thought was in your rank but who are actually at much higher levels.

These players mask their accounts so they can play with players they know can’t beat them. This is called Smurfing.

Where is the satisfaction in that? Certainly, none for you, and it shouldn’t be for them unless they’re not competitive.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any penalties for Smurfing, and even if the player is reported, it’s likely they won’t be banned. After all, they’re using a dummy account, so they could just create a new one.

How To Get Unbanned from Rocket League?

How To Get Unbanned from Rocket League?

While you may not get banned for Smurfing, there are other reasons you can be banned from play. Even if the action was not intentional, you could still be reported and possibly banned for any of these reasons: cheating through bots or any other tool, griefing, account sharing, or selling somebody’s account.

Think you’ve been unjustly banned? Rocket League has an appeals process:

  • Log into your user account from the Rocket League support page.
  • Click the “Unban Appeal” button and begin filling out the form.
  • Explain why you’re appealing and plead your case.
  • Submit the form.
  • Await the decision.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the answers to these common questions on Rocket League have been helpful to you. Let us know of any other common questions you have about Rocket League or any tips you have to offer in the comments section!