Five Ways to Keep Your Hands Warm During Gaming Sessions

No matter the temperature outside, cold hands during a gaming session can limit your dexterity and bring down your game.

It’s common for gamers to have cold hands because the positioning of the hands for hours of play can reduce the circulation in your hands, making them colder.

Don’t let cold hand bring your game down. Check out these five options for getting rid of the chill, improving blood flow for your comfort and dexterity.

Keeping hands warm gaming is important for your comfort. But, if you have cold hands consistently, it may be time to see a doctor about the problem. These products are only recommended for occasional hand-warming.

USB-Powered Hand Warmer for Those Long Gaming or eSports Sessions

This USB-powered hand warmer is perfect for warming your hands in between matches. Rechargeable and inexpensive, this hand warmer is made from smooth, durable material, making it comfortable to hold.

The large battery capacity allows the hand warmer to stay warm for up to eight hours, which means your hands will stay warm during those marathon gaming sessions. You can even use it to charge other devices.

If you want to warm up your hands, put your controller down between sessions and pick up this hand warmer, so you’re all ready to go when the game starts again.

A Powered Desk Pad That Will Keep Your Gaming Space Warm

Another inexpensive warmer, this desk pad warmer can heat a much larger area if you are feeling chilly. It’s highly durable so that a spill or scratch won’t access the electrical components inside.

Measuring 31 inches wide by 12 inches deep, this mat provides plenty of room for gaming. Don’t worry about finding the right temperature. Three different heat settings mean you’ll find a temperature that’s just right for you.

The smart control that turns the heat off after a set amount of time leaves you with one less thing to worry about. And if your feet happen to get cold, just swap the mat to under your feet to warm them up.

This powered desk pad’s internal thermostat chip controls the temperature automatically, allowing you to give the game your entire attention.

And don’t worry about spills. The desk pad’s PVC leather construction is waterproof, easy to clean and safe around water. It also contains a device for current protection to protect you from the electricity.

A powered desk pad is the perfect option for gamers who want to be warm but don’t want to bother with holding something in their hands.

A Coffee Mug Warmer That Will Keep Your Hot Beverages Hot

If you like to game with some coffee, hot chocolate, tea, or some other hot beverage, you need a way to keep it warm while you’re playing. There’s nothing worse than getting 20 minutes into a great match only to find that your drink has gotten cold.

So, how to keep your drink warm while you play? This coffee mug warmer is the perfect way to accomplish it.

This cup warmer has three temperature settings ranging from 113°F to 140°F, so you can keep your beverage as hot as you like it. Its safety auto stop means you don’t even have to worry about leaving it on all the time as it will shut off automatically after four hours.

You might be wondering how a coffee mug warmer can keep your hands warm, but what better way to warm up your hands than to hold a toasty drink?

The best thing about this mug warmer? It’s smart. It can learn which settings you like best and will use its memory function to automatically set it for the temperature you use most often.

Fingerless Gaming Gloves

So, you have cold hands, you want to keep them warmer, but you don’t want any impediments to game play. These fingerless gaming gloves are perfect for warming you up without taking away your finger dexterity.

Fingerless gloves comfortably warm up your hands while allowing you to fully feel your controller as well as use your touch devices. The compression feature adds the benefit of helping to reduce pain and increase circulation.

Their seamless construction means nothing will get between you and your controller. Their durable construction means your fingerless gloves will provide warmth and dexterity for plenty of gaming session.

I hope this information helps you warm up those cold hands. Do you have any tips for keeping your hands warm during your gaming sessions? We’d love to hear them in the comments!

Get Up and Get Moving

Get Up and Get Moving

One of the best ways to warm your hands is to get up and move around to get the blood circulating in your fingers again. In between rounds, stand up and do 25 jumping jacks or run in place for 30 seconds.

Even better, go outside in the sunshine and go for a walk. Not only will you get the circulation flowing again, but you’ll soak up some valuable Vitamin D if it’s a sunny day.

A little exercise each day will keep your circulatory system in good working order and keep the blood flowing freely to your hands.

Have a few tips to keep those hands warm during gaming sessions? Be sure to add them in a comment.