What is the Best Laptop for Gaming?

Are you eager to buy a gaming laptop? If you are, you probably want to get the best bang for your buck. You’re not alone, which is why I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite gaming laptops. 

More and more gaming laptops are coming to market, making it difficult to know which laptop is best for gaming. Today, you can actually get a really good gaming laptop, something that was not possible a few years ago. 

A good gaming laptop, one that will let you play most games, will generally start around $1,200. The best gaming laptops will cost $2,500 or more because they have better graphics and more settings. 

Gaming Laptop or Desktop Computer? 

That’s the question all gamers have asked themselves at some point. Both things have their advantages, but if you are only looking for the best gaming experience, desktops are preferable. 

Gaming Laptop or Desktop Computer? 

While desktops still provide the best gaming experience, the gap between desktops and laptops for gaming is much smaller than it used to be. So, if you prefer a laptop or need a laptop to serve multiple uses, you can still get a great gaming experience. 

Of course, if you have a dedicated gaming space where your computer can remain stationary, a desktop gaming computer is the way to go. However, if you want to be able to move and take your computer with you, then you should choose a gaming laptop. 

If you think you are more hungry for a desktop gaming computer, I recommend you read this article featuring some of my favorite gaming desktop computers. 

Benefits of a Gaming Laptop

The biggest advantage of a gaming laptop is, of course, you can easily take the computer with you wherever you go. If you often go on business trips, conferences or vacation, a gaming laptop is easy to take with you. 

Another advantage is that a gaming laptop takes up less space. This means that you do not need to have a large gaming area. Instead, you can use just about any space. This can be especially good if you live in a smaller apartment or you have a small desk. 

Disadvantages of a Gaming Laptop 

The biggest disadvantage is that laptops are often more expensive than comparable desktops, and the gaming experience is not as immersive or detailed as on a desktop.

Repairing and replacing components in a gaming laptop can also be difficult. If a component needs to be replaced, it may not make financial sense, and you may end up purchasing a new computer. 

Another disadvantage is actually found in the portability of your laptop. As you move from place to place, you may be connecting to networks that are not secure, leaving you open to hacking.  

What to Think about Before Buying a Gaming Laptop 

Once you have decided to buy a gaming laptop, there are a few things you should keep in mind. 

Focus on what components and features the gaming laptop has. 

The most important thing for a gaming laptop is a graphics card and an solid-state drive (SSD). In addition, you’ll need to take into account a variety of other features.

Graphics Card

The graphics card is the most important component for you to be able to play demanding games with good graphics. If you want to be able to play games at the highest graphics settings, you should spend some extra money on the graphics card. 

Laptops get hot easily, which is why NVIDIA graphics cards are popular as they tend not to get as hot as some others. They are also energy efficient, making them my top recommendation for your gaming laptop. 

When you look at graphics cards, it’s important to consider the graphics memory, the graphics card’s working memory, whose task is to relieve the computer’s processor in graphic work. Most computers have 2-4 GB, but if you are looking for a gaming computer, you want 6-8 GB. 

Storage Device

Most gaming laptops today come with two storage devices. One is an SSD and the other is a hard disk drive (HDD). 

The most important thing for you as a gamer is to choose the SSD. It will make your laptop faster. 

To maximize the gaming laptop, install windows and games on the SSD. Games will generally load faster when you start them. 

The HDD should be used for files, pictures and videos. If the laptop does not have an HDD, make sure you have a large enough SSD to store them without impacting gaming performance. An SSD of at least 512 GB is recommended. 

Really large games today take up to 100 GB in storage space, making a 256 GB SSD too small for a gaming laptop. If you plan to store several games, you may want to consider an SSD of a terabyte or more. 

The Processor

The processor is the core of the computer. It’s important for all computers but not as important for gaming computers.  

Instead, it is the graphics card that is most important as games require a high volume of graphics work. 

In a gaming computer, you do not need to have the best processor available. Instead, put the extra money into your graphics card. 

That doesn’t mean you can ignore the processor completely. You’ll need enough processing power to adequately run your games, which means you’ll probably want to invest in an Intel or AMD processor. 

A processor is made up of cores, and the more cores, the better. Having several cores allows you to have more programs running at the same time. A good gaming laptop usually contains six cores, but a really good four-core also works. 

Another common thing that you should consider when looking at a processor is the clock speed. This is how many instructions the processor can handle per second, and it is measured in GHz. The higher the clock speed, the faster your computer will run. 

Random Access Memory (RAM)

RAM is used when programs on your computer need to store information. It is then cleared when you restart your computer.  

You’ll want enough RAM in your laptop to save the information your games need to save. In gaming laptops, I recommend that you have at least 8 GB of RAM. 

What Screen Should My Gaming Laptop Have?

The most important thing when looking at gaming screens is the refresh rate and response time. Response time is the time it takes for the screen to respond and display what is happening on the computer. The refresh rate is how often the image is updated. 


A good screen for gaming will have over 60 Hz in refresh rate. If you want the best performance, look for a laptop with at least a 120-Hz refresh rate. 

You also have options for your laptop screen. You can choose from a TN panel, which is the fastest and best for gaming, or an IPS panel, which provides a slower screen but creates a better image.  

If you only use your laptop for gaming, you’ll probably want to choose a TN screen, but if you also plan to use your laptop for things like streaming movies, an IPS screen is a better choice. 

Criteria for the list

When I developed the list of best gaming laptops 2023, I took into account several factors, with the most important being price and laptop components. 

Criteria for the list

If you only looked at the components, the list would be easy. It would start with the most expensive and go down from there. Instead, I wanted to weigh in the price as well to see where you get the most for your money. 

All the laptops on this list are good laptops for gaming. The best one for you depends on your budget and the way you want to use your laptop. 

Best Gaming Laptop 2023

1. Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX701 – My Overall Favorite Gaming Laptop 

Series ROG Zephyrus S GX701 
Brand ASUS 
Specific Uses For Product Personal, Gaming 
Personal, Gaming 17.3 Inches 
Operating System Windows 10 Pro 
Human Interface Input Unknown 
CPU Manufacturer Intel 
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB 
Hard Disk Size 1 TB 
Processor Count 6 


Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX701 is my overall favorite gaming laptop on the market today. It is a real monster and perfect for gaming. 

The design is appealing and thin with an aluminum outer case. The placement of the keyboard simulates the feel of a desktop keyboard, making for a great gaming experience. 

The 17.3-inch screen provides plenty of room to game without becoming unwieldy. 

It also has 100% sRGB color, which means it also works perfectly for working with videos and pictures. 

With a 512 GB SSD, you don’t have to worry about not having room for your games. This gaming laptop provides everything you need for a great gaming experience. 


  • Appealing Design 
  • Volume scroll wheel with a clever design 
  • RGB illumination for each key 
  • Outstanding gaming performance 
  • G-Sync display, color, quick 


  • The touchpad has been moved uncomfortably to the right side. 
  • When not on a desk, it is impractical to use. 
  • Battery life is quite short. 
  • Extremely costly 
  • There is no LAN port. 
  • There is no front camera. 

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2. Lenovo Legion 5 – Incredibly Affordable – My Favorite Budget Gaming

Series Legion 5 15 Gaming Laptop 
Brand Lenovo 
Specific Uses For Product Gaming 
Screen Size 15.6 
Operating System Windows 10 Home 
Human Interface Input Keyboard 
CPU Manufacturer AMD 
Color Phantom Blue 
Hard Disk Size 512 GB 
Processor Count 1 


Lenovo Legion 5 is a great laptop for the price, providing high-quality graphics with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, a good graphics card for the money. 

The Legion’s processor is not a monster, but it is still very good, an i5 from Intel’s 10th generation. 

Both RAM and SSD provide enough space for you to have plenty of memory for the life of your laptop. 

The Lenovo Legion 5 is for gamers looking for the best bang for their buck. It does not belong to the top price range but crushes everything below it, making it the obvious choice for gamers on a budget. 


  • Multi-threaded CPU performance that is unrivaled in the industry 
  • The GeForce RTX 3070 16-inch display is spacious, sharp, quick, and brilliant, making it ideal for gaming 
  • High-quality construction 
  • Number pad and a comfortable keyboard 
  • Thermal efficiency is great 
  • Upgradable RAM 


  • For a gaming laptop, the design is drab 
  • The heavy power brick and 512GB SSD limit the amount of the local game collection 
  • No USB charging available 
  • No SD card reader  
  • Mic and speakers are of poor quality 
  • Battery life is insufficient 

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3. Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 – My Favorite Performance Laptop For Gaming 2023 

Series ASUS ROG 
Brand ASUS 
Specific Uses For Product Gaming 
Screen Size 14 Inches 
Operating System Windows 10 
Human Interface Input Keyboard 
CPU Manufacturer AMD 
Color RTX 2060 Max-Q-16GB RAM/1TB SSD 
Connectivity Technology Wi-Fi 
Hard Disk Size 1 TB 


The Asus Zephyrus G14 is an incredibly powerful gaming laptop with an AMD processor packaged in a compact form. The eight-core processor provides enough computing power to run multiple programs at the same time. 

Graphics memory, RAM and the SSD are plenty large enough for gaming, and the laptop also supports Wifi 6, which is the latest Wifi standard. 

The Zephyrus G14 has a great battery life of up to 10 hours, so you won’t have to interrupt your gaming session to find a power source. In addition, it weighs only 3.5 pounds, making it easy to take wherever you go. 


  • High-quality 14-inch HD display with low glare 
  • Touchpad is pleasing 
  • Lightweight, ultra thin, and compact G14 chassis 
  • Relatively good battery life 
  • Astonishing speakers 


  • Webcam is not available 
  • Wired ethernet is not available 
  • Low CPU cooling  
  • Slow display response time 

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4. Alienware Area 51m – The Most Powerful Gaming Laptop 2023 

Series AWARR2-7323WHT-PUS 
Brand Alienware 
Specific Uses For Product Multimedia, Personal, Gaming 
Screen Size 17.3 Inches 
Operating System Windows 10 Home 
Human Interface Input Keyboard 
CPU Manufacturer Intel 
Hard Disk Size 1 TB 
Processor Count 8 
Chipset Brand NVIDIA 


The Alienware Area 51m is the sickest and most powerful gaming laptop of the year, providing fast and awesome gaming experiences. 

The powerful processor and high-quality graphics card allow you to play all the latest and future games at the highest settings. 

Alienware Area 51m is simply the best gaming laptop on the market today.  

It also means that it costs a lot, making it the most expensive gaming laptop on the list. However, you get great performance for the money. 


  • Aesthetically stunning  
  • Extraordinary graphics 
  • Fastest SSD 
  • 144 Hz high-quality display 
  • Eye-tracking technology (built-in) 


  • Expensive 
  • Heavy  
  • SD card support is not available 
  • 4k display is not available 

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There you have it. A list of some of my favorite gaming laptops and some elements to consider when considering the purchase of a gaming laptop. Whichever model you go with, I hope it leads you to many fun gaming sessions.

Have a laptop that you think is great for gaming? Let us know in the comments!